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  1. Yes exactly I wish I could of been ok with it on my own terms and not forced , I think having a baby is quite a raw time anyway especially when I lost so many family and then finding that out too , I don’t think il ever be ok with it , I’ve tried to accommodate him letting him watch it together only with me but I really do hate it I don’t want it to be part of my sex life, I’ve never really liked the idea of porn should I be ok with letting him watch it on his own even though I know what he is watching disturbs me ? It’s made me struggle with my said esteem too knowing that no matter how thin
  2. I’ve had grief counselling over my mum and nan deaths and antidepressants etc it’s not that that’s the issue really , I have tried to stop doing things cooking etc etc , I’ve asked multiple times if he would cook for me which he simple said no , the fetish’s is a big big deal for me still because there was a point after birth where it was excuses after excuse after excuse and obviously confidence was knocked , I didn’t think I could get councilling for my sex life ? But I will ask
  3. I just wish he had told me from the start because it would of given me a chance to try be ok , he made videos of me pregnant would take lots of pictures of me all over me , and he never done that before neither after ! He says he enjoys sex with me aswell but like once a month ? He wants to buy a fair belly and me to wear it ? Because I lost my mum when I was pregnant it made me ill and I nearly died of sepsis , 1. I don’t think Il be comfertable wearing that it would bring up bad memories and 2 he won’t even do the basics to me , oral and other things I consider normal so I don’t see why I sh
  4. It was ok , abit bland and sometimes could go without a week or two , but now I know why , my confidence is absolutely shot I just wish he had the decency to tell me before I upped my life for him , I could of spent more time with my mum which kills me , sex can be one sided though , U.K. give him oral he will not return , but yet I had to do all sorts when I was pregnant even though I did feel uncomfortable, never cooked for me but I do for him etc , he’s not a nasty person just not got much of a clue but I even find myself recoiling at kisses and don’t enjoy spending time together as I do r
  5. The same as the poster pregnancy fetish, we were together a year before I moved and 2 years before I got pregnant , all my family passed away when I was pregnant and my nan just after so it wasn’t a very nice time I’m just struggling I’ve spoken to him about it but the thought of being intimate repulses me , I’m 30 Hes 34 , I don’t have many friends here I’m afraid , sometimes I think I’m shallow for finding it this bad ? But I don’t feel the way I did in the beginning I feel like it’s entrapment
  6. I found out my partner has one ! But he only told me once I was pregnant ! I’m repulsed and disgusted by it , I so so moved 150 miles and left my family to move in with him out a deposit on a wedding , my mum also passed away whikst I was pregnant which was the most awful experience, after I had my baby I told him he needs to leave that alone whilst I gain some body confidence back , caught him 3-4 times looking at it months after , he wouldn’t have sex with me for weeks , months after which made my self confidence even worse ! Imagine your partner wanting you to stay pregnant and not liking y
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