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  1. So he was in the marines. Hasnt dated anyone since freshman year of high school. And I had decided it was he hadn’t mentally switched into being officially in a relationship. (We were officially and it was on Snapchat so not public). So he’s changed his behavior and He is really respectful. I just am finding it difficult to let go of that.
  2. He was understanding. And he hasn’t done it again since we had the discussion. We were together about a month and a half officially. I thunk I’m afraid of being stupid. Like I usually don’t give second chances. So this is something I’m wrestling with. And I’m not sure if I’m looking for a reason to be suspicious. If I’m right to be suspicious. I just don’t know.
  3. I didn’t really think about it actively as a factor because I’m usually not like this. And when people pointed out the social media thing that was really out of character for me. But should I tell him that it’s concerning me and where that concern comes from? Is he hiding something from me? Because I asked to see one of the pictures (my phone died) and he said he didn’t have it. So my immediately thought was he didn’t want to show me what pictures he had. I mean I think to him the issue is resolved because he’s not doing it. And while it’s getting better for me things like this feel worse tha
  4. Actually I did think harder on it after reading some replies. I think this insecurity stems from him commenting “gorgeous” and stuff on other girls pictures. And it was like this huge thing. I have a tendency to cut people out and I’m trying to change that. So I agreed to stay but I think it still is in the back of my mind sometimes
  5. I think the insecurity stems from a thing that happened a couple months ago where he would comment on girls pictures and message them “gorgeous” and stuff. Not like soliciting anything but it’s still in the back of my head.
  6. We’re official. It’s not that. I think my insecurity stems from an event that happened a couple months back where he was messaging other girls and commenting “gorgeous” and stuff on their pictures.
  7. that’s why I came here before really getting into a long conversation about it. My frame of reference is pretty limited and it’s such a stark contrast that I was worried.
  8. I’m not concerned with the social media portion. I guess it just seems easy for him to cut me out if there’s no pictures of us. Like I said my ex is my only real frame of reference so I’m trying to gauge the importance of this.
  9. It’s not the social media portion. I just find it odd he doesn’t have any pictures of us. And he’s fine with me posting and tagging him. Granted I only have 1 ex and I brought him up to say I don’t really have much information to look back on besides him. I guess my question is: is this a sign of commitment level? Or is this a personality thing? Do I have reason for concern?
  10. Let him go. Don’t let all your good memories Be overshadowed
  11. It happened to me too. I loved my ex but I wasn’t in love with him anymore. I’m sure that you should still get that flutter after 79 years. You should see that look he gives you and think “oh my god I hope he kisses me”. Without it you’ll resent him and what you have will feel tainted.
  12. So my boyfriend and I have been together for 3 months. Know each other about 6. I noticed I have pictures of us in my phone. I post them online. I also send all my picture of us to him. Apparently he hasn’t saved any I sent him. When I asked why he said “phones die and get lost so I store my picture on Facebook” but he doesn’t have them there either. He tags me in posts and has me as his girlfriend on Facebook publicly so he’s not trying to hide me. But why doesn’t he keep these pictures? I’m just confused. I don’t want to compare but my ex had an entire file in his phone for pictures of us. I
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