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  1. Well because my emotional spirit towards him is literally living in that house. If he destroys it, my spirit will be homeless, so. Also, it only cost me like 6-10 dollars to make this model. It's not about the money I spent. It's about the time. I just know how to use materials and know how to spend hours and days on projects to make them look expensive. Also, I really don't even wanna talk about this anymore if all you guys can tell me is negative outcomes.
  2. I am very grateful that I've been graced with all of the concerns and advice. However, I would just like to point out that when I came on here for advice, I was looking for advice where all of the possible outcomes to me doing this could be discussed. Not one person on here said anything about the possible positive outcomes from me doing this, which is an indication that you all have personal problems and feelings you have to sort out before influencing another person's decisions. Millions of people have written closure letters to their exes days, weeks, months, or even years later and have go
  3. I just don't wanna take advice from people who clearly only have bad experiences to project, and no good experiences. An engaged woman shouldn't ask a single person for advice on her engagement being broken off.
  4. I'm sorry, and thanks for the advice, but my heart really is saying to do this. I don't know why it is. I came on here thinking I'd get talked out of it, but then I realized most of you might be single, or have just had bad experiences. I apologize if that comes off any kind of way, but yeah. The worst he could do is say no to meeting up. So it's either I'm gonna continue being sad, or I could be happier at least getting the kind of closure I wanted.
  5. Welp, the worst he could do is say no. I feel bad already, so it's either I'm gonna feel the same, or feel better. Really nothing to lose from this. I really was seeing if somebody could talk me out of all of this, but honestly, my feelings are solidified because it really does seem like I could be talking to people with bad experiences, and are just projecting their bad experiences onto others. My friends have always said "The worst they could do is say no. What do you have to lose?"
  6. I don't know why you would want to put the worst case scenario of him smashing my house model into my mind. It doesn't make sense, because if he doesn't want it, he would just not agree to meet up. It's not like I'm going to his house and leaving it there. If he says yes to meet up with me, I don't see the harm.
  7. No. I'll message him first to see if he even wants to. If he says no, no harm done. Then I'll just use it myself.
  8. I didn't say I want him back. I just don't want my hard work going to waste. No I'm not giving it to kids because it's not a toy. It's a professionally designed and constructed house model. I really was hoping someone could convince me into not doing it because I was questioning if it was a bad idea, but I'm now thinking maybe you guys just had bad experiences in the past, and you're projecting it onto others. Doesn't necessarily mean I'll have a bad experience. You guys don't know everything that happened in our friendship. There shouldn't be any harm in me just texting hi
  9. That's stalking. I have no right going to his house without warning. I also forgot to mention this, but he said if I "get help", I can talk to him again which is an indication he does wanna talk. However, I'm not going to get help that I don't even need, so I'm not about to subject myself to thousands of dollars in debt to get something that's not needed. I would much rather just message him directly to give it to him in person, and get my closure so I can finally move on from his needy tendencies. The best part about asking him is because he himself gets to make the decision if he wants to do
  10. True. I see it now. Yeah. He never loved me. He definitely was using me. Yeah. I did catch feelings. This isn't fair either way. I still made a gift for him, and it sits in my closet collecting dust. Why would it be such a bad thing to give him his gift in public and then just block him though? I'm not understanding that part. I refuse to let my hard work go to waste. This isn't something I can return to the store. If it was, it would have been a different story, and I would have moved on by now.
  11. Why would I get a restraining order against me if I'm asking to meet in public? He could just block me if he hasn't already. Also, I don't need therapy.
  12. I don't want to be with him anymore. All I want is to end what we had in a more positive way. Not with him yelling and being mean to me over the phone, and me crying uncontrollably. It should end peacefully. Then, once I've given him his gift and letter, I'll just block him.
  13. I appreciate the advice. Thank you. Honestly though, looking at the gift I made for him everyday is just going to hurt me. What do I do with it? Sell it?
  14. I apologize that I didn't add this, but at some point I did address it. I was worried I would want to sleep with him and break my celibacy. My apartment isn't shared. It even has a private entrance, so we would be totally alone if he came to my home on Christmas night. I told him "I have to be honest with you. I don't want you coming to my home anymore. Let's do this in public somewhere because I think you'd be the one I'd make a mistake with" (aka sex). He then replied "It wouldn't be a mistake". So that's when I knew he loved me back. The only reason why I expressed contradictin
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