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  1. Yes he spends a lot of time with her and she doesn't so much ask me as leave me voice-mails while I'm at work saying that I never come see her, and then when I do, she criticizes my entire life
  2. (I didn't know where to categorize this so I apologize if it's wrongly placed 😬) So my grandma lives fairly close to me (within half an hour). She lives next to my dad, but in her own house. The thing is, she is a bully. She is so mean and always has been. But I know she's so lonely. And occasionally she can be fun to be around. But even though I live so close I see her/talk to her around once a month because sometimes that is literally all I can make myself do after being around her for so long. She has tormented a good portion of my life (though I don't believe it was all intention
  3. I do know that. I just think I seek that validation so I allow it. It is an issue
  4. The communication has been good! We text daily, give each other updates on our day. I do enjoy him. My difficulty is whether or not I'll be more interesting than just a friend 😂 but I think I'm over thinking it a bit. I'll give an update if anything exciting happens.: ) And he's from the same city I'm from. He's from a Mexican family and I'm white. We're 25 and 26.
  5. So I met this guy about two weeks ago on bumble. We have GREAT conversation and went on one date so far. I had a lot of fun. He's very nice, we have a lot in common and he's texted me consistently since. We're supposed to have another date this coming weekend. My only issue is (and I think it's definitely a me issue) is that he's hard to flirt with. We definitely joke around in ways that could be flirty I guess? But definitely not anything crazy. But I mean I think he likes me?I just have a very hard time assuming he's interested in me on more than a friendship level even though we met o
  6. As much as you won't want to hear it, if you're asking if you should stay, you probably should not. Once you're questioning it, it's your sign to move on. It sounds like is is a bit selfish and toxic.
  7. Thank you, I appreciate it. Its just good to hear that it isn't suspicious this early on. It's just been so long that it's all new and weird to me 😬
  8. Well, I had basically been numb and moved on for like the last year or two I was in that relationship, I just had to get bold enough to break it off. So I think that counts for something? I've been in therapy as well and feel like I'm in an okay place to start dating again? Maybe you have a point though. And I agree the key thing might have been too soon, BUT it has only been used to check on animals only. And with permission as he is someone that my cats feel safe with.
  9. He doesn't know a ton about it. Just that is was very neglectful and I just got to feel worthless and like a mom simultaneously. And we haven't had a specific talk about being exclusive. We have both agreed we want a real long term relationship (that it is what we are both looking for). Other than that we have just indicated that we both really enjoy each other and like what we have.
  10. So after getting out of a traumatic 6 year relationship about a year ago, I started dating this new guy right around Thanksgiving. So it's only been about 6 or 7 weeks. We hit it off great, I feel very comfortable with him and I think he does with me. He's very affectionate and not hyper sexual with me, but we do hookup sometimes. I'm having a hard time with that because I have been so used to "having" to perform to receive attention, so it still distresses me a little that he isn't always trying to have sex with me, somehow. BUT, he calls me everyday we don't see each other (not m
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