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  1. Thank you so much really means a lot honestly.
  2. Thank you so much guys, appreciate it more than you know. I’ve just told her now I want to just be friends and go back to how we were when we first started talking and then if it’s meant to be, it’ll be. Guarentee I get a bad reaction from her now but I’m honestly past caring onto other girls it is. Thanks again and hope you and your families are well during these awful times ✌🏼
  3. Lost, I love you mate. Thank you. But also might I add that she found out i was litreally just talking to another girl (as friends) but found out the girl liked me. So got me to block her because, her words, even just “talking” is “cheating”. She’s manipulating me I know it, but I just wonder why? Trust me I knew this wasn’t a proper relationship but she seems to want/think otherwise.
  4. Dated once, kissed a few times that one time, not done anything intimate. Unfortunately the time I saw her I was drunk and stinking of beer so she didnt want anything more than quick kisses and I’m not the sort of person who will push for anything intimate, if it happens it happens. Lost? Welcome to my world 😂 just waiting for a reply “run”
  5. And also just thought I’d need to add since meeting, she still wants a relationship with me. It’s just not sure if I feel like she can even be trusted while in Uni.
  6. Ok where do I start, me and Louise were in school together nearly 10 years ago, I dated her friend for a very short period of time, she dated mine. She was really quiet and shy. Now 3 months ago our paths crossed in a supermarket, I found out her social media and we got talking, we became really really close and almost constantly messaging for a few weeks. She told me she liked me back in school, I told her I did like her too, but we never really spoke much at all, just our mates hung out together. After seeing her again years on in the supermarket I knew, I liked her looks and thought I liked
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