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  1. After being with a narcissist you need to heal. Also, you need to educate yourself, so you don't fall in the same trap again: https://thetrulycharming.com/narcissists/
  2. Believe me, don't waste your time. Let go the "maybe" man and go find a "hell yes" man 🙂
  3. I think you can definitely find a better guy. Your life is a gift, you deserve much more.
  4. First of all I would start therapy with a therapist specialized in social anxiety. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is very effective (personal experience). Then, consider that all this situation due to the pandemic will slowly come to an end. At that point, what I suggest is going to Meetups. They saved my life when I relocated to a new city. I met so many people, I made new friends (real friends) and I overcame social anxiety (slowly, but I did!). If you consistently attend meetups, see a therapist and take care of yourself, you will meet new people, improve your social skills, overco
  5. I agree with Hollyj. If you don't feel comfortable you should just block.
  6. Reading fiction or novels is a great way to relax your mind and, in my opinion, also a form of self-love. What I do is reading both fiction and self-help books and find a balance. When it comes to self-help, especially relationships and personal growth, I love to read not only books but also articles on platforms like Medium. There are plenty of great writers and most articles are well-researched. Other blogs about relationships and self-help I like are: Psychology Today, The Truly Charming, Self, Mbg. On Medium you can also find a lot of fiction.
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