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  1. My reference to the dating games was not with respect to her at all but the angle the previous poster suggest I act when dating.
  2. Thanks for the thoughts. Unfortunately there have been no activities for the past year and the next year doesn’t look good either. Is the way it is I guess, I’m not built for dating.
  3. I appreciate your outlook. And you probably are right. Just those are precisely the dating games I hate.
  4. Actually I said I normally move on and wouldn’t do it...meaning I do kind of get it, but thought or trying something else this time, no? Was just throwing it out there are an option not that I was committed to it. My disagreement with them that flowers is a financial gesture not that giving them in the first place was a good or bad idea. regardless, thanks for caring enough to provide feedback.
  5. I see it differently a bad response? It’s how I view it that’s all. Not insulting their opinion merely saying it’s a different opinion. everyone else seemed to have positive criticism, and framed it bluntly but politely. Yours did not give that vibe...thus my specific reply to you I did say previous to your comment in reply to others input “but alas it seems the flowers idea seems to be a resounding no” Not sure where this is going, but all the best my man.
  6. Thanks for the input. I’ve tried breaks before for this reason. after numerous attempts over years without any positive experiences just seems to be a “it’s me” thing. Which is not easy. Give off hard, “best friend - nice guy vibes”it seems.
  7. Funny. I think I responded well to everyone but you. Perhaps it was how you said it and not what you said. Seemed like just a jumping on the pile kind of snide remark. Thanks for your time
  8. Appreciate the comment. That’s what I did. That’s been historically my approach. Historically I’ve always left it at that. most the time They rarely cross my mind again. Once before when I thought they were worth it I thought about texting the person a few months later to see how they were, but didn’t. This time I thought about flowers, but didn’t.
  9. DUDE. I get it. The first 10 people were good thanks. Just explaining my thought process...not persisting. Thanks for your input DUDE.
  10. I don’t see flowers as buying someone something, I see it as thinking of them. On your point all of dating is buying someone things. If it’s drinks, dinner, or flowers etc. I see and appreciate your point, I just see it differently I guess. but alas it seems the flowers idea seems to be a resounding no.
  11. I’m suing Hollywood. Lol. I guess I normally just move on, and it never seems to workout and it’s just the same old story for me, always the second choice. Thought about trying something different this time, and I thought she was worth the effort.
  12. Been trying to date over the last year. Granted covid has put a different spin on things but my experiences over the last year as similar to those I’ve had before. I find myself SO tired of the dating games it seems everyone plays. Match but don’t talk, talk but won’t meet up, agree to meet up then back out the day before or just don’t show up, dishonesty, misrepresenting themselves, dating numerous people at once then choosing one etc etc etc. over a year of trying to meet someone nice, and I’m finding the depression from rejection and games harder than feeling lonely. Online se
  13. Met someone whom I talked with for a month before going on the first date. We really seemed to hit it off, and it was mutual with her usually bringing that up and remarking how great the night was and not wanting to wait to do it again. Seemed really genuine and was honestly the best date of my life. We both agreed, it was a fantastic evening and agreed we’d go skating outside for the second date. This was just before Christmas, unfortunately she was going to her sisters for Christmas and New Years so it was 3 weeks before we could go out again. But all along we were texting and still
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