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  1. I was going to delete the app because of the larger experience, nothing to do with her at all. It was due to consistent solely negative experiences. This one was just the latest.
  2. Her son lives with her. Not sure if he surprised her. Maybe I misinterpreted her reply but I don’t think so. Not sure about the ex situation. But even if they did I would assume she would still have her phone. I mean spend Mother’s Day w your family. That’s great, but let me know is all. Also I had suggested a date on Mother’s Day...perhaps that was my mistake just really sucks cause this happens all the time and just was literally about to delete the dating app when she messaged me and the first date was really great. Then this. Makes me really dislike people.
  3. Unfortunately it a was rare really good first date. On the date we exchanged pet peeves. I shared mine was people being late. She even promised she wouldn’t be late today. Trying to figure out how much leniency I should give because it’s Mother’s Day and she is with her son.
  4. Generally I’m pretty laid back and easy going. But being stood up is a pretty non-negotiable for me. had a date planned for this afternoon(2nd date). After not hearing from her when I messaged her last night, I messaged her at noon to make sure she was still on for it. She said ‘yes’, she was with her son as she forgot it was mother’s day and she would text me soon. it doesn’t bother me she is with her son on Mother’s Day obviously. It’s the fact she even said we were still on but couldn’t bother to follow up that she couldn’t make it would be late or ask for a rain check or anything. I’m just waiting around my house all afternoon for her. I think regardless of it being Mother’s Day not telling someone you had plans with that you cant make it is very ignorant...it’s a simple 3 second text. Or am I being unreasonable?
  5. I dont have a string of them at all. I am friendly with all of my ex’s. I’ve never ended a relationship on bad terms. I would help each of them if they called me. Life is too short for holding grudges. I have never given anyone I’m with any reason to not trust me. she can take it how she pleases I guess. Nothing much to lose at this point.
  6. It’s sent. I’ve been friends w people I’ve cared for in that way. It’s tough but they are worth it
  7. I decided to write her a letter. Maybe a tad old school but I just wanted to be honest. I really thought I’d see her again so I tried to just have a nice relaxed walk to get to know each other. So much was left on the table. basically I am going to say a bit about the reasons she said we might not match and say regardless of her decision I would like to have her in my life even if only as a friend of the other option isn’t one anymore. Hope it’s not a bad idea 🤞
  8. Luckily I’m not afraid of deadly snakes.
  9. Maybe we should go out? Lol
  10. Unfortunately all I have is time to myself. Likely part of the issue I suspect.
  11. Yeah I don’t even know. And I can’t tell her or explain myself now.
  12. Yes was jaded by previous rejection. But was always positive with her, and I wasn’t pretending...it was way and came naturally when we talked. she misunderstood my position in kids. Partially my fault based on my initial reaction to the question(but to be fair it was really early and I didn’t know her then). She is a very confident and secure person in general. She was and is a really impressive person. Not without fault I’m sure, but I haven’t met anyone close to her ever. But she was recently hurt in a previous marriage which has made her careful with who she sees. Which I was understanding and appreciative of.
  13. I fully get that. I don’t know how to lose the negativity at this point. I feel saturated with it. I understand that’s not a way to begin or continue searching. I don’t know how to stop being jaded. It is far easier to say just don’t be jaded, or have thick skin than to actually do it time after time.
  14. Really feel like I messed things up with her and it was the one thing that made my day was talking to her, that was mutual. I feel like she misunderstood my position on important things, which was my fault but she wouldnt hear me out to try to clarify. Just feels like the wind was knocked out of my sails and there is no gusts in the forecast.
  15. Thanks rose. I have done much of that too. I’ve taken courses, started learning about physics and quantum mechanics. I’ve tried so much, it just feels like absolutely nothing works. The dating rejection was a slow build up of disappointment then the latest one which I finally felt was something good in my life, really crushed me.
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