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  1. But like I said, I unfriended my ex on Facebook a while back. I know she can’t see my posts because she essentially complained to me that I unfriended her...after we had already broken up.
  2. I know that. I just feel like she doesn’t have any business being on his page at this point based off of her post breakup behavior and things she has said to me. Because of things she has done and said, I feel like it’s a way for her to maintain a connection to me, even though it’s a very small connection. But blocking her would fix that. I don’t know who initiated it, but they were Facebook friends while we were still together, so nothing unordinary about that at the time. I was friends on there with her friends too, but some of them unfriended me after the breakup and I unfriended the r
  3. I appreciate that. But unfortunately I’ve already unfriended her and I recently had his account memorialized at his families request. Because of that, there doesn’t seem to be a way to specifically exclude her from what I see. Anything I post on my timeline that’s friends only she can’t see of course! But there doesn’t seem to be a way to filter who can see what you post on the tribute wall for a memorial account. It seems to be open to all of their friends with no filters. His family is currently trying to become the managers of his memorial account. When/if that happens, I might explain
  4. When my ex and I broke up, she unfriended all my friends and family except for the person who had been my best friend since elementary school. I thought this was odd but didn’t think much of it. They didn’t know each other before we started dating and weren’t really friends in real life aside from their association with me. I unfriended all of her friends and family (and eventually her). They were all primarily her friends and I think it would be too awkward and weird to follow them on social media. A few months after we broke up, she reaches out and says she wants to be friends with me.
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