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  1. That was incredibly insightful. Therapy level id say. I didn't quite think of it that way, as me stroking my own ego to do it all my way. It certainly wouldn't breed positive cooperation if I kept that attitude up of doing things my way all the time. As Picard would say "you can do it all right and still lose, that is not weakness, that is life." At least at the time, I perceived it as righteous to follow my own path as I've always habitually done. I did also mention in one of these replies that it was always a fantasy since I was in high-school to have this type of sexual abundance, as I
  2. I agree it never sat with me well how fast she wanted to commit to me. She'd get jealous if I wanted to hang out with another girl and her presence being there too (like invite ppl for a board game night where a woman in the group is someone I had a fling with). She'd also tell me to delete pics I took of her cuz she thinks she looks ugly in photos but she's actually a rly good looking young woman with low self-esteem. The signs of low self-esteem were there, not in the way she dressed tho, she wasn't afraid of showing skin. I also did come to that thought, she was a hard-core diehard hopeless
  3. Ya I see it, its true they're obvious issues, that's why I mentioned them cuz I do notice. Its that despite her big insecurities, she was just a keeper in any other way. Cooked, cleaned, always brought lil gifts, verbally and physically warm, always down for sex, loved my pets like her own... But ya I always had my doubts about her claiming to fall for me when she doesn't know me yet, hence why I thought putting a timeline would help see the truth behind her person. I ended up seeing a scared and hurt young woman who wants to love but has deep fears of abandonment and not being good enoug
  4. Yeah totally get it. It was an inexperienced decision, as an ex-player told me, it was a rookie mistake. I definitely will never ever disregard a request from the heart next time. If there ever will be.
  5. You're right she also told me she never had a real bf. I see what you're saying in hindsight, how that comes across. Perception VS intentions tho are different and I do see the problem with my action having created a bad perception of me. My intention was true tho, but my way of going about it was misguided I guess.
  6. I (32M) was upfront dating and sleeping with 2 young women (1 very seldom) and I need 3-6 months before knowing if I want to commit to someone. None of those 2 wanted serious relationships (found out later, mentioning it now) but are girls I can trust and casually date, and knew and accepted how I felt. A 3rd one (21F) came into the picture, was pushing for commitment since day 1, saying she fell in love with me and was sure after week 1. Saying how she keeps being attracted to emotionally unavailable guys or players (insinuating I am one; this was my first time in my life having multipl
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