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  1. I’m currently not in any type of therapy, but have been before..one on one as well as group. I took all kinds of meds mostly for anxiety/depression, but stopped taking them as I feel like it made the anxiety worse or made me feel like a zombie. Both have never really helped. I have mellowed out as well, especially after the wreck, that was 13 years ago. And I haven’t been in a fight since my teens. It’s mostly the racing thoughts and feeling bottled up.
  2. I’ve had anger issues my whole life. I’ve gotten into fights, broken things, drove recklessly and even wrecked my car once because i lost my temper. I’ve tried working out, medication, and all kinds of things. I just don’t understand why I can’t just not get angry over small things. Now that I’m older I’ve learned to hide it better, but unfortunately I also have high blood pressure I suppose as a result. When I get angry now I have thoughts of hurting people or worse. Has anyone else had these feelings? Is there any good way to channel this bad energy into something positive? I feel like if
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