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  1. Yeah I got the hint and message now. I don't think she want to remain friends with me anymore. Since I did message her a few days ago (it's been 3 months since I last messaged her) just to ask how she's doing in life and school. She was dry and took a day to respond to each one so it was pretty clear to me she was just disinterest to talking to me. Earlier today like I said previously in the post that she doesn't want to text to me anymore. So it's pretty cut and dry that she doesn't want to be friends with me anymore and I respect her wishes.
  2. ohhhh were you referring to apologizing at the time of the break up? I wasn't as clear as I was during when I first posted it. But I did apologize fully I admitted I was wrong in my certain areas by being passive aggressive and how that treated her and what I would do to make things right since I know it's wrong to do. Also yes you are correct she doesn't love me anymore as much as it hurts to say. But at this point yes I have given up and moving on from this as much as I don't want to. But with her saying remaining friends I don't think that's the case now as she doesn't want to text to me a
  3. yeah it's a right thing in both situation. i just wished it would've worked out but oh well that's life. it is what it is
  4. In a way she did. It's just surprising honestly how someone in your life you talk to everyday nonstop can just suddenly not want to associate with you. Yeah definitely, it's been three months I have a routine... sort of lol
  5. Well update guys. It's been about 3 months since the breakup. I kept up with no contact and my stupid self thought in 3 months it would have work things out. (cuz of her friend idea) I felt like I healed enough with feelings so I ended up messaging her. She was really dry messaging once a day for like 3 days and then told me that "sorry I don't want to text to you anymore". I mean that *** hurts but like it wasn't as bad from the get go from the initial break up. But what that all tells me is that she moved on and I should go as well since there's nothing to look back from here. As there'
  6. I was in a relationship with my ex gf for about 18 months together. And with the attachment theories I was a secure/ leaning anxious and my ex was a avoidant dismissive. We worked together with issues with her attachment issue by like creating the environment for her to open up her feelings better so we can both operate in the right context and being in the same foot. There was one time during the first few months where she told that me that she doesn't have feelings for me anymore and around those times she got really busy with work and was traveling out to a different country for the summer
  7. Yeah after when I sent that I was like oh no 😞 I screwed it up. I don't want to say that I'll give myself extra hope about the friendship part. But I just felt that our chemistry was really great we had almost the same likes and dislikes and get along with each other quickly. Like I'm afraid that if I do get rid of feelings for her then when I become friends again I think I'll just develop it again quicker.
  8. The more reflecting I have done the more I realized that I was being distant to her due to school and spending time with my family for a few weeks. I'm just speculating that could've been the case and she never knew that. Also, with no contact do I just block her on everything?
  9. Thanks... I just felt that in the last three weeks I have learned a lot mistakes that I made and mistakes that she made. There is seriously no way to fix it or like repair it? I'm well aware now what went wrong and willing to do my part 😕
  10. It's been about a week since the break up happened. Me and my ex have been together for about a year and a half and she broke up with me because she lost feelings for me. She at first told me this around mid decemeber and I told her that we should just take a two week break and see if it would work. During those two weeks I self reflected upon myself and apologized to her basically communication issues in my end and what I was going to do to work on myself. I then sent her that on the first week of that break. After the two week break we called and I restated what I said again and she told me
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