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  1. Yeah after when I sent that I was like oh no 😞 I screwed it up. I don't want to say that I'll give myself extra hope about the friendship part. But I just felt that our chemistry was really great we had almost the same likes and dislikes and get along with each other quickly. Like I'm afraid that if I do get rid of feelings for her then when I become friends again I think I'll just develop it again quicker.
  2. The more reflecting I have done the more I realized that I was being distant to her due to school and spending time with my family for a few weeks. I'm just speculating that could've been the case and she never knew that. Also, with no contact do I just block her on everything?
  3. Thanks... I just felt that in the last three weeks I have learned a lot mistakes that I made and mistakes that she made. There is seriously no way to fix it or like repair it? I'm well aware now what went wrong and willing to do my part 😕
  4. It's been about a week since the break up happened. Me and my ex have been together for about a year and a half and she broke up with me because she lost feelings for me. She at first told me this around mid decemeber and I told her that we should just take a two week break and see if it would work. During those two weeks I self reflected upon myself and apologized to her basically communication issues in my end and what I was going to do to work on myself. I then sent her that on the first week of that break. After the two week break we called and I restated what I said again and she told me
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