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  1. you´re all so right. I know you are. Yet I´m finding it difficult to accept that after so much closeness, it´s over. For what I consider to be minor things. But it tells me that if he wasn´t willing to get past this, then he isn´t the person for me. I actually phoned him earlier today and he was back to cold again. So yes, it´s over and I have to move on. What´s annoying is when you dont really know what it is that you did. But I have to accept it. So I will. Thanks for the advice. It has helped.
  2. HI there, I´d really like some advice on my situation. I went on a course in October and met a guy I really liked. We were a 6 weeks together every day and fell in love. I´m 41 and he´s 38. Then in November he moved to another part of the country for work. We spoke every day and then arranged to meet at Christmas and spend it at his parents. I was then going to follow him to his new city and see how things work out. When we met at Christmas, things didn´t go too well. And we argued a fair amount. He told me that he thinks we´re incompatible but feels a very strong physical
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