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  1. Okay after a long time now I come bearing information and unfortunate news that we are no longer dating... I went and spent that weekend with her and it was amazing we had so much fun and there after I visted 3 more weekends after as she kept asking me to come up and I didnt mind... But then this last time I visited she was telling me her friends (who are mean people) had given her pepper spray for the weekend which annoyed me a bit as she doesnt really leave my side and I have never hit her nor do we really get into fights so it was weird but I ignored it... so flash forwarding to last night
  2. We luckily have had a very long conversation about how to handle it last night and into this morning... I am understanding she wont be glued to her phone and what not but at the same time we have discussed handling the whole FaceTime virtual stuff for the next two weeks so the whole restrictions decrease at her university and then I will go up to her and visit her as she cant come down here (she cant leave the county her university is in since she lives on campus but she can have family visit they dont know who or what the visit is in relation to but as long as she doesn't leave the county the
  3. I will update and let you everyone know what happens when we do meet in person and figure out how things go... I will say I at first was taken back and hesitant posting on here worried about being judged and criticized for it but everyone here has been really helpful and supportive I appreciate every reply and thank all of you for taking time out of your day/night/evening to reply and offer suggestions and tips
  4. Okay so I actually do have a series of letters written out and then a link with a playlist I dropped in there as well and its something she adored... In about 2 weeks I am going to see her and then while im there were going to figure out how to deal with it all.... She is wanting to be a psychiatrist and it really into communication so its something I love about her. I have no issue going up to see her its just the being away is the issue to tackle... Its not even sex thats the issue its the knowing the person is there and just at arms reach at night... the ability to pull that person close t
  5. I have to say I struggled with opening the car door and doors in general for my girlfriend... She so quick to do things sometimes I don't even have a second to do it... I'll just get my seatbelt off and she's already halfway into the place were going too haha finally I had to tell her that I wanted her to wait up for me and made up some lame excuse just so I could open her door and finally she got it that my excuse was fake and I just wanted to open the door. Like everyone else is saying just wait a few seconds and see if he gets the hint some of us are genuine and just dont see an opportunity
  6. She suggested it actually... At first she was worried that I would leave her over it so it was hard for her to suggest such a thing but after we talked about it its only 2 and a half hours as far as the drive is concerned and I work in Retail driving to multiple stores throughout my region as part of my job so the driving is no hassle.
  7. Oh no no no not at all its a joke we have between us as far as the "Daddys money" comment it was a thing he started and its been between the three of us for a long while. I do drive yes and we have decided once the pandemic restrictions calm down where she is (as she just got back on campus) I'll start going up to visit and getting a hotel room since theres nothing out there and I have the ability luckily to do so. We have started making plans although with the pandemic and living in New York state its very tough... I live in Syracuse NY and she live on campus north of Watertown call
  8. Yes I do I recently lost my job I was a Manager for a JCPenney and then my store closed but I do still have a good bit of money on top of unemployment now to drive me steady for a long while... I game and have a few cars that I work on just curious if other people have delt with something like this I am in my 20's and this is my first serious relationship so not sure how to handle it was all
  9. Yes were both invested this is 2.5 hours driving wise which isnt a big deal to me she just is also the type of girl thats invested in her future considering its daddies money that paying for the college
  10. Hello so me and my girlfriend we'll call her Jane for the sake of this explanation... Jane is returning to campus which is 2 and a half hours away she wont be off again until June... Were going to stay together but how do I cope with not being able to see her? And how should I tackle the not being able to text and talk often due to her schooling... Not sure if anyone has been in the same boat I know this isnt the biggest deal but its something I have never gone through before.
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