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  1. You are exactly right and I did mention that to her...let's wait on meeting the son. Date for awhile and see where it goes. Yes we have discussed what we are both looking for, which is a real relationship. You are right in saying she doesn't want her child to get attached to someone then he leaves, we have talked about that.
  2. Good information here, sounds a lot like my situation. I'm just going to keep playing like we have been and see where it goes. Thanks
  3. No i have not met her son, except for on a facetime call. My concern is the constant reminder I get from her about her having a kid and am I running away yet.
  4. She has mentioned her previous relationship, the guy was very close to the kid and got caught cheating on her and just left. She said that hurt her as well as the kid. Which is completely understandable. But I haven't given her a reason to think that, but I get she may be protective from the previous relationship.
  5. So I've been dating a 33 year old woman(I am 32) for a month or so now and we've been on a few dates and have talked to each other mostly everyday all day and conversations have gotten pretty deep. I do not have a kid and she has a 9 year old boy and divorced 3 years ago. We've kind of talked about being in a relationship but she said she didn't want to be pressured into anything exclusive right now and she wanted to take is slow and see where it goes. Anyways I am fine with that and have told her that I am ok with her having a son, even though I have never dated anyone with a kid. I have
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