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  1. Thank you so much. I don't want to be a broken record and repeat exactly what I said to the nice person who posted above you, but you really deserve all the same appreciative and kind words. The people who have taken the time to reply to me here have really been beyond helpful and compassionate. It gives me a little more strength to carry on and be strong and to not view myself as the problem, as worthless, as unworthy of love. And especially not over one less-than-good person who's made it habit to not value others and hurt/toy with them. Please, have a safe and happy new year. I
  2. This made me cry (in a good way). I thank you so much for your kind words of strength and putting things in a great, but real perspective. I've been hating myself day after day, wondering why I'm not good enough, wondering what's wrong with me. It just felt...really good to have someone (that I don't even know, at that) make it clearer that I'm not a flawed or bad person for what others don't see or value in me; my value and self-worth isn't determined by others, let alone a fuccboi. I hope you have a safe and prosperous year (as much as possible) and that the world treats you kin
  3. Thank you for weighing in, kind stranger. Y'all are really in the best way possible hammering it through my head that this dude is nothing but trouble and I need to cut him the hell off. It just hurts to think someone who was your friend (guess he actually never was tbh!) and that you've confided in that you've been hurt and don't want to be manipulated again would...just not give a f*ck! I can't imagine treating someone that way... Be well and thanks again for replying!
  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, boltnrun. You're right, and over the course of the last several hours I've been coming to understand that more n more from what you and others have said. It's that daggone Serotonin when they give you that bit of attention you want and then start the toxic cycle all over again 😬 I gotta remember that there's way better, genuine guys out there, who can give me that serotonin in a healthy, reciprocated way that I can actually build something with. Being that you're on this forum, hope things are well or will be soon in your realtionships🙏🏽
  5. Thank you, MissCanuck :") Everyone who has replied has been so kind but helpful at the same time. This is a really tough time for me so I appreciate the encouragement-laced real talk. Not in the best place, but I feel less crappy about myself
  6. Tiny, whomever has the privilege of calling you their best friend is a very lucky person. You're being so logicalll😣...but also kind! Ugh...you're really so, so correct. Like... it's more and more obvious that whilst he may not be outright *mean* to me, that he doesn't care about me either, even on a baseline respect level as someone he's known/a friend. This isn't shocking now that I think about it since others I've talked to that were involved with him/close to him have alluded to or have outright said that he has a hard time really valuing people/is self-centered to a fault. Si
  7. Thank you for weighing in and your input, Tinydance :') I think you have some really good points and they actually reflect concerns/thoughts I've had but have been too upset to really face. We were/are pretty good friends, so to think he'd be doing this to me (as I'm not some random person or someone he met through a dating app etc, we actually know each other and share a group of friends/realm) is really painful... When I messaged him again about the movie thing, I did so out of my own values/ethics/how I've been brought up to be empathetic and always look to resolve an issue or
  8. To clarify, we haven't sexted in a while. Our stint of that was rather brief. Ended a little bit before he sent that message about 'cooling down'. We haven't sexted since before that point. I've also had a very successful LDR before (I eventually moved and we got an apartment together, and even though things ended amicably a few years later, we are still thick as thieves today). LDRs don't bother me as they do other people (perfectly valid, of course) and I don't view them as 'long shots' (in this case, especially because I'm moving to his area for work soon anyways). Also, promis
  9. Hello, hope everyone is as well as can be. Nervous about making this post. Apologies in advance as this is going to be LONG so that I might give as much background info as possible. I hope y'all can bare with me. Alright, so there's this guy I've known for a while (years), I would say our relationship was firmly set in the 'friend' category (more than an acquaintance, less than a best friend/constant contact). VERY on and off we'd flirt and be playful, he'd invite himself into my DMs sometimes, flatter me, say he misses me, etc, but all of it healthily casual and positive to me as we are
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