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  1. If he started conversations for quite a few days, then stopped and now is avoiding you, he may have been wanting to continue hooking up or see where things go. If you played it too cool you may have come off like you are the one not interested and hurt his pride/feelings first. Of course this is just me guessing. The only way to know for sure is to reach out to him and talk to him about it. If it seems you are losing the relationship anyway, what do you have to lose?
  2. I think you should just tell him you had a better time at the retreat than you let on and that you miss the open relationship you both initially enjoyed. Don’t mention the other slip ups. See what he says. Be honest with him and tell him you think you need this. Also encourage him to have a good experience with another woman. It sounds like his appearance may have changed since younger years and he’s not as confident now. Build up his confidence again and I think he will be more on the same page with you again. I would test the waters though before confessing to more hookups. Then go from ther
  3. Are you just worried about pain and trying to prevent it? Or are you struggling to have sex because of pain?
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