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  1. That's what I decided to do. Just block her. What stopped me from blocking her in the beginning was the fact I didn't want to just vanish in thin air. Then the mutual friends would reach out too. Or once I did block her, she would start using other phone numbers to contact me with. But I am going to block her right this moment. Final nail in the coffin.
  2. I once had a boyfriend who seemed completely into me. I was his #1. But little did I know he had feelings deep down for a woman he met years before me. He couldn't be with her at the time. He cheated on me with this woman 3 years into our relationship. Last I heard, they are together still. I think your boyfriend is still hooked on this ex. If you caught him looking at her profile and it is the same pattern that he is doing, I'm sorry, but patterns are patterns. You should talk to him about it. But if it's been going on for 5 years, I would just move on. He's not ready for anyone else.
  3. Hello all, I posted in January of this year seeking help on how I should end a friendship with someone I have known for 10 years. I'm not sure if I should have linked my past post but just a quick reminder to anyone who remembers this issue. https://www.enotalone.com/topic/444210-i-just-want-to-end-the-friendship/ I have/had this friend who is very toxic. Met in college and now 10 years later I am here. She is always using me as a way to let out all of her emotional baggage. Or she uses me so she can get ahead in life. But when I need her help, she is just too busy or does it sloppil
  4. Thanks. That’s what I am doing now, the slow fade. I do look back and see how this person was never a true friend. I fish I didn’t let the “friendship” go on for this long.
  5. Just an update. I decided to do a slow fade away. I got a call from Sally one day. I didn’t answer because I was actually busy. I sent her a text later that day telling her I got her message, I’ve been busy these days but will chat with her when I get the time to do so. She responded saying ok. Guess what? She calls me the next day. Again I didn’t answer, I was honestly busy. And if I wasn’t, I wasn’t going to take her call anyways. I didn’t bother returning the call or anything. But the next day, I get a text from a former mutual friend of ours. Totally random because this
  6. If it’s been over a year I would try something else. But during this time, online is the safest. My 20s were consumed of online dating. It wasn’t until I was 29 years old when I met someone offline. Not sure how old you are but I tend to think a lot of 20 somethings tend to rely on online dating apps. I find it’s better finding someone by doing an activity you like. Or by just being offline. It’s so much easier people to ignore you, ghost you, be inconsiderate of your feelings when you’re online. But because of Covid, maybe try a site that is geared towards hobbies you enj
  7. Been there done that. I dated a man when I was in my mid 20s and he was in his 30s who had a child. Before him, I honestly didn’t want to date someone with a kid(s). But after so many bad dates with men without kids I decided to open up to men with kids. I walked in knowing he will always put his child first. I was more than okay with that because I would hope he would put his child first. The child’s mother was in the picture still and she was crazy jealous. I would hear how she didn’t want me around or to be the child’s mother. I wasn’t the child’s mother. She was just insecure and jea
  8. I’m just a few years older than you. The last time I was on a dating site, I was 29 years old. Looking back I can see what you are saying. When I was 23 on a dating site, maybe because it was getting popular then, I was getting a lot of responses. At 29, I would still get responses but not as many compared to 23. In our 30s, I think it’s better to meet people in person rather than a dating site. Due to covid I know that’s not possible. But meeting in bars, joining a hobby club, etc seems to work better. During covid, I would just join an online group of interest. It’s kind
  9. 33 years old as well. Sometimes I feel like my life should be more far ahead. But we are young still. Like others have said, maybe visit a doctor to talk about this to see if you are clinically depressed. You’ve done the hobbies and it seems to not be working. I’m an introvert as well but sometimes you just want a friend or even a romantic partner. I know there’s websites where you can make girlfriends. I think I may try it out myself down the road. I haven’t had a real friend in a long time and it sucks. Visiting a doctor may do the trick.
  10. You already feel like you wasted your time. Time wasted is never a good thing. And if you feel like you wasted your “best years,” you should feel at least an ounce of guilt for continuously wasting her time. You said you are scarred from a previous breakup but I think it’s more of you liking the fact this current girlfriend is there for you emotionally and mentally. Stop wasting her time. I had a boyfriend in the past- we dated for 3 years, but I found out he cheated on me. We even had an apartment together. When I ended it with him, he still wanted to be friends with me. He wanted t
  11. Thank you. I have two mutual friends with her and this is something I thought about. I’ve know these two friends for the same amount of time...13 years. What makes it easier for me, is these two mutual friends are people I hardly talk to anymore. So I don’t mind “losing” them as well. I don’t want anything tied to this friend of mine after I disappear from her life. So those two have to go as well. The four of us (the 2 mutual friends, myself and the “energy vampire”) are only in contact because the energy vampire is the one who holds us together.
  12. I did Google energy vampire. She indeed is one. Even read some articles on it. Thank you. You are right. It’s all about your mental survival. I’m just too nice. I need to look out for myself.
  13. Yes this has helped. With minor friendships in the past, I have never had a heart to heart talk about ending a friendship. I think people just slowly vanish from our lives. Thank you. This one is just a bit harder because it has been a 13 year relationship. I’ve been telling her that I have been busy and this year will be no different. I actually do not have time for nonsense because I will be working on a project I want to start this year. I will be letting her go.
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