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  1. Dear both I am so sorry, I thought up until now that it is absolutely no difference because the wish is inside him. Actually he was pretty clear about wanting to live it at least once. is it such a difference when asked or when he asks? Sorry for the confusion! I asked because of my stupid curiousity and all my girl friends got requested a threesome at this time..
  2. Thank you for those last posts also. Any advice is so much appreciated. one thing I have to clarify to keep it fair: My bf never requested a threesome. i came up to him and asked him, hey is it that you like threesomes, like Many guys? He was like yes i had the Fantasy before and i think i would like it but i would Never do it if it would damage our relationship. i don’t Know if That‘s a difference now.
  3. This could possibly happen.. so maybe it's best for me not to proceed thinking this threesome into being "right" "out of motives" because in the end there will always be another person - between us. He was kind of angry, when I said he is sexually interested in other woman.
  4. That's a great explanation, and it really gets an understanding of my inner world right now. That's an inspiration to me to watch what I feel instead. It became heady because I thought once I understood his motivation, it would not bother me that he would like to sleep with another woman. The sentence with the "seriousness" was absolutely on point. But I also asked him if I could sleep with another woman alone, for once. Does that also mean I am not serious about him? And I agree on you with the reflection of wishes, they just show our preferences but I think they can reflect ho
  5. This might also be true. But he has made crazy explanations for this point. Like: "If I was with you and another girl and the girl would want a threesome. I would refuse to. If I was with you and another girl and YOU would say yes, I would go for it." And he told me: I would not want to sleep with another girl, I would want to sleep with you with another girl. So that means WE would want her, so that's not my lust, only shared lust. So you see, I don't want to sleep with other women. Right now my head is spinning from his explanations..
  6. Why do you think it's not a good idea down the line - does that mean in the aftermath? Definintely. I don't think he would leave me for another woman. But I can not be sure, no one can. Seeing him with another woman could be hurtful - although I am interested in women, too.
  7. Yeah, I think he will absolutely fine with not living it. He would never expect me to do anything I don't want. That's why I was really understanding because of his wish. His motives matter most to me. I hope he tells me the truth about this only wanting if i want. And that it's not because of: "If only the other woman wants it, and my girl doesn't I don't want to, because i want 2 girls." So I was wondering if his motivation is "special" and really caring for me, and not because of egoism. And that is really, really hard to differ. Is that somehow understandable?
  8. My wish is a monogamous relationship. But also I wanted to do it before He Mentioned it and it’s definitely a Wish for me but not inside a Relationship..
  9. Acutally He Had the chance when He was single. He said no because He was insecure. I think his wish is bc of this..
  10. I agree, when it comes to threesomes i think Some guys would do anything to experience it once..
  11. Ahh sorry i meant. If He Can really just be Interested in a 3some. When i say yes and Show my attraction. His interest Will Not evolve be there if i always say no Right?😂 sorry again for my Bad english (i am from France and try my best)
  12. That might be true. Sometimes it‘s hard to detect a lie. I just depend on his honesty, that‘s a but difficult here
  13. I thought that if he‘s only into it when I am, he Will Be perfectly Fine when i say no (what I do) Because then he‘d no longer interested you Know?
  14. Dear @Holliyj sorry for the confusion it’s 4 years. i was super happy because of the thoughtful posts in the other thread. It just made me dig in the past so I decided to Stay in the present and ask about this new Topic again. The past is over
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