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  1. Hey, thanks to all your comments. I see all your points and I think you are all right. I never thought letting go would be so hard. I know she chose to cheat on me and leave, and despite that, its like i've been unable to hate her and somehow, against my rational mind, she still holds a place in my heart. Its true that im feeling much much better, the pain is slowly gone, but, being an overthinker, all the good memories and the what ifs keep coming back from time to time.
  2. It is. I was reading the post before and damn, time really heals.
  3. My ex and I were together for 3 and a half years (we are 22 now). Back in October she cheated me with a guy she had been working with. We maintained contact for the next 3 months after the breakup, but her confusion and wishy-washiness (between me and the new guy) was killing me so I asked her not to contact me anymore and went NC. I really wanted to forgive her at that moment but we all know it takes two to tango. Going forward its already been 3 and a half months of NC. I'm feeling better than ever, I've been hitting the gym, meeting new people and doing the things I love. I also recent
  4. I also think that something must have happened, but we were one of those couples that end each others phrases. We never fought and complemented each other, as I filled her weaknesses and so did she. All the closure i got was: "Its something that happened to me, I messed up. You were perfect to me and i'm the only one to blame. I failed you." And I know there must be other things that she doesn't want to tell me not to hurt me more. I'm staying in no contact. I just hope she will be able to find herself out. And somehow find a way into me too, even if i have moved on. I guess we'll have to
  5. Thank you all for the support. I already know that the best for me right now is to move on with my life. I've started hitting the gym and trying to work on my social skills. I've already told her that we should keep contact to a minimum until we she figures her things out. She insists that first of all she needs time to find herself again. Its like she's waiting for a magic signal to tell her what to do. I know that woman are very complex with their feelings. For the last weeks I didn't contact her, but she reached out to ask how am I, for the holidays and new year. She even asked
  6. Thanks. You just perfectly described how I feel. I'm a very logical and thinking guy. Its like my brain is fighting my heart. Lately I've just been trying not to contact her and let her do it from time to time.
  7. I also wanted to mention how she's had many anxiety problems before meeting me. She has like a natural protective reaction to walk away from things that create her stress and anxiety. Knowing this i just try to be positive and fun around her.
  8. I feel that everything suddenly exploded in my face. Maybe for her too. The last weeks before cheating she mentioned that the relationship was better than ever, she said so even after breaking up. She's no innocent she wouldn't kill a fly, but she's toying with both of us? Its all very confusing for me, how can she be testing the water when she admits that dating him and being in a rebound isn't a good thing. She already knows what the other guy is looking for and I'm pretty sure that he is also feeling the pressure after chasing her for almost a year. Its just hard for me to think I can'
  9. I know I have to move on. But she's clear that she doesn't want to date anybody while she figures herself out. She always tells me that she doesn't want to lose me but we both know that if we meet somebody else things will have to go very cold.
  10. Thanks for your words, The first 2 weeks after the cheating, it was like she wanted to work things out. But at that time i was just very hurt, lost all my confidence and acted needy. Maybe pushed her away a bit. After that, she just told me that she had so many doubts about why and what happened and that she needed time to figure herself and her future. How should i approach the situation? She insists that she wants to keep contact. I told her that its hard for me because i don't want to be her friend, but she also insists that for her it is way more than a friendship till she figures her
  11. We were in an almost 4 year relationship. We're both 21 and she cheated on me 3 months ago with a coworker. She confessed everything the day after, and seeing her regret I wanted to forget her and try working on it. Many people will think that i shouldn't take her back, but we've both always said that the relationship was awesome, it was honest, we never argued and communication was fluid. For me it's one of those special girls with a personality that you almost never get to meet. Nevertheless, the following months were very confusing for her. She told me that she didn't know what sh
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