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  1. Im not searching for her, im searching for me to meet someone! but I keep seeing her on there.. I know she has every right, it just stings. Hurt when she told me she wanted to stay single for a while and then goes on there. I also wonder what shed think if she sees me on there.. but thats not my concern as I'll never know.
  2. Trust me I wanted to address everything through good communication when this first happened.. it was her who wasnt telling me the truth to begin with...I havent messaged her or anything for like 3 months now.. shes deleted me from her contacts and i blocked her off social media. All she has is my e-mail and knows where I live.. weather she has my number somewhere or knows it in her head i dont know. Last night I logged on to bumble, I wondered how i havent seen her on tinder for a few weeks, and there she now was on bumble just joined. Wrote in her progile, looking for a relationship so plea
  3. oh up until like 2 or 3 weeks before we broke up in august.. she even talked about moving in with me in 2021.. thats how up and down this whole thing was.. its like she was bi polar! but i guess i just cant move on from this..
  4. So this will be long, I will try to be as short as I can and I appreciate anyone who can give some advice.. So late August 2020 me and my gf broke up, it was like a week before my birthday... I met her on tinder..shes 27 and lives with parents and im 29 live alone like 45 minutes away. We were together for 2 years and broke up once in the first years, her reasons were that the spark had gone and she didnt miss me or feel the same... 2 months of no contact went by and she came back as she missed me and wanted to try again. During the no contact I'd get the odd text or whatever and I ev
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