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  1. I honestly do think about that every do i want this as my future or even the father of my kids. He makes me feel loved and secure in some ways but in others not so much because throughout the year he has put him self in stupid situations with other women and can be quite flirty or he gets angry and completely brats out. Yes i have texted negative with covid its just the normal flu plus im working from home at the moment
  2. I did because he got help and he also came out of a horrendous toxic relationship before me where his ex sent him pictures of hee hurting herself badly telling him to come home from a night out which i have sewn the messages with my own eyes and he had to sit in the passenger seat and look at floor beacuse if he even looked in a direction of another women she would rage punching windows of the car. Family don't know they love him and so do my little nieces. But my friends all dont really like him and dont want him around tbh
  3. I think its because despite this moments he has he treats my like a princess more than any relationship i have been in. I can be on my own as I've always enjoyed my own company especially after having my own space
  4. He is a only child and his parents think that he is golden boy always seem to be involved in our relationship because he's gone back and told them stuff when we have arguments. I've had two ex girlfriend's friends(all different circles and ages) telling me that his ex's say he's controlling and given me some scenarios where i slowly have seen shine through. He gets angry if i add anyone on social media says it's not a problem but slowly brings it up to the point I've come all of it for 4 months now to just avoid arguing. I've had friends purposely ask form him not to come to social events
  5. Hello, me and my boyfriend are both 25 and living together in my apartment. I have been ill all week with the flu. My boyfriend went to his parents to watch the football. I said to him I'm really not feeling to well and need my sleep if he feels as though he's bit too drunk or coming home late for him to stay at his parents for the night as he still has his bedroom there and once I'm awake i find it very hard to go back to sleep plus i have work at 8:30am. After me saying this he stumbled in at 2 in the morning couldn't even stand then was sick for half an hour and once he got into bed was sno
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