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  1. Hey everyone. Thank you for reading my late night emotional ramblings haha. And thank you for trying to help me and not judge me for what a mess I am. I do get a bit of help from social services atm, like tax credits and child benefit. Also I’m ashamed of it but I use like food banks now and then when money is really tight, wish I didn’t have to but god it’s so tough like when you do your food shop and you have literally nothing left in the bank and you know unless you go to the food bank your not gonna eat tonight. The kids always come first. The only thing I have done right is I have
  2. Hey I kinda feel like I need someone to help me stop feeling so desperate and hopeless. I feel like my life is just a total mess. I feel like I’ve made so many bad choices and like I’ve screwed everything up and nothing is ever gonna get better. I’m 33, I’m dirt poor, living in a tiny flat that I can barely afford rent for, I work massively long hours on minimum wage to try to pay the bills, and I’m trying to bring up three kids as a single mum. I just feel tired and ground down by it all so bad. I feel like i've screwed up so much and there's no way out for me. I had a really roug
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