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  1. Thank you for letting me know ur story gave me some strength I have to be strong and do what’s best for myself because being in a toxic relationship is torture couldn’t take him around my family because he would embarrass me because he always wanted to show my family he was in charge seemed like he wanted me to feel so little about myself this man just made me feel horrible inside and out I wasn’t happy anymore but I loved him I had hope he would change but as I can see now ppl never change unless they want too I have to accept that and heal from this and learn from this
  2. I’m going through a break up for 6 days and honestly I feel so broken I feel like I can’t breathe I just honestly want to die I was with him for three years and honestly it was a toxic relationship but I loved him and now I feel like I can’t take this it’s been a year since I lost my dad and now this I’m not strong enough mentally not right now
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