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  1. I've no intention of getting married, not anytime soon. Why would I have to wait to be married to move in with someone?
  2. Two weeks. We haven't been able to do more than that because he's with roommates, so I don't think it's OK to overstay. I work remotely so I can go back and forth, he can't. I just meant we were always very straightforward about wanting to be together romantically and long-term, while we figured out how we'd make it work, so we didn't make it official until we had more clarity about how feasible it all was.
  3. He did. And we both agreed. We like being together, we get along well. His longest relationship has been of 2 years. And yeah I will bring it up, I just don't know how to.
  4. The word "sure" itself means being certain of something, having no doubt. That's literally the meaning of the word. I am certain I do.
  5. I'm 24f, boyfriend's 29m. We've been talking romantically and been exclusive for a whole year, but since we're long-distance we didn't make things official until last month. Two days into talking we said we liked each other and we say I like you to each other basically every single day since then. Our relationship has been romantic from the very beginning and we just went on vacation together for 2 weeks, where we finally became official and during which I expected him to say the three words. He didn't and he hasn't yet, and it's starting to really hurt. I met his family and friends, he's meeting my family in August, and we're planning everything for my move to him starting next year. He is very vocal and emotional, which is why I thought he would say it up to this point, cause I've been feeling such strong emotions and I'm sure that I love him. I haven't said it because I have a feeling he won't take it well. When we became official it was me who asked him, and it took him a few days of pondering until we finally did, saying he was waiting for the "right moment", and that he did want stuff, just "not as fast as I did". But to me a year isn't fast, especially if he wants us to live together. It's starting to make me very upset and I don't understand why it's taking him so long to want things with me. It makes me feel like there's something wrong or I'm lacking something for him to be convinced. I think after a year of talking, being romantic, vulnerable, getting to know each other, you can tell if you love a person. If you don't by then, then you probably won't? And somehow he's not there yet. He is the sweetest guy I've been with. When we're together I can tell how much he cares for me. No one had ever treated me this way, and we connect in such amazing ways. He's told me I'm everything he's ever wanted and a bunch of other things, but he can't get past an "I like you so so much". I was drunk once and texted him that I had been very close to saying the three words. He replied saying "awww, I'm sure once we're together (in person) it can happen pretty fast", which obviously had me expecting them like a fool the past couple weeks. The fact that it'll also be me who's making a big move is making me very upset, I don't want to move in with a guy who's not sure of us or me yet, and every time he says I like you I get a bitter feeling. I don't think it's something I should bring up either cause then he'll feel pressured to say it, and I just wish it happened genuinely. We talked about this earlier in our relationship and he admitted that with his ex he said it around 6 months in. And it hurts that he's not there yet with me after a year. With my ex it took him 10 months, and I even told my current boyfriend this, to which he responded with an "oh, ok yeah, that's a lot". I don't know what to do. We're not seeing each other till late August, so I don't know if I should just wait to see if it happens then or bring up that it's bothering me.
  6. My last relationship was last february and lasted two years. I do talk to guys in my area and I actually get asked out a lot, but I can't help feeling guilty cause I've been getting close to this guy, main reason why I'm posting this. I've been considering going out on dates if he's not willing to visit anytime soon, cause it seems more and more uncertain every day. Since I just graduated I'd be applying to my masters, to be done in a city that's 2 hours away from him, this is why we really got into talking months ago.
  7. 3k miles apart. Currently WFH and has some health issues so he's very paranoid about travelling. As for me, I find myself confused too, but also I'm more used to going out since I am not working from home and go out every day. We agreed it would be him who'd eventually visit.
  8. Yes, we are long-distance. And I'm particularly scared of that last bit: I'm dedicating so many months of my single life to someone I don't even know I will like (or have them like me) IRL.
  9. Will try and keep this very short. He's 29 and I'm 23. We've been following eachother on Instagram for around 4 years although we've never met, and we started talking last year. It's been 5 months of non-stop talking now. Texting all day, video calls, phone calls, games, we've sent eachother gifts, we're all lovey-dovey and got nicknames for each other, but there's no official date for meeting cause of work but mostly COVID. Well, it's been 5 months and we both click so well but we definitely never intended on getting too serious until we had the chance to meet and see if things worked out. Well it's been 5 months and during those 5 months he's expecting me to be 100% exclusive and we basically have a relationship WITHOUT the title so we're not official. Everything else (besides the physical stuff, obviously) we do. And there's a lot of expectation yet I feel like he's growing comfortable and every time I talk about making plans to meet, it's a dead end. Am I wasting time?? I really enjoy talking to him and we've grown so close, yet it's frightening to be this vulnerable and catch feelings when there's so much uncertainty and knowing it could go on like this for another 5 months.
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