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  1. Bumblebee, I insist your life is more far worry that a selfish ex who took advantage of you. We were once there. I too, am fighting with my recent breakup(where u had suicidal thoughts) it is now a few months but I can't even understand how I could do suicide because someone left me. I took care of her, provided every thing emotionally and financially but she decided to go from reasons I don't know. I am not yet over her but believe me with time you start working on yourself and some hours of the day are as good as normal. There are aspects of this life we can'
  2. Hi friends. My ex broke up with me last december. We had been lovers in a 12 months relationship, no abuse. It has been now 3+ months but I am still struggling with emotions from morning to around 4Pm[I sleep well though]. It is pattern. I can agree that I have now decided to do things that improve my career like taking courses that I couldn't take while in a relationship but any time before 4 PM I can fail and go back to bed. I have decided to stop all forms of rebound relationship & sex as I confused my temporary feeling with real healing and hence delaying any hope of moving on.
  3. Thank you very much. I can feel a depression I have for just a girl friend loss. This is my second week but I feel do not want to do anything. it is really deep. It is helping me understanding her in some context. for her, it was even much and much loss (her mum) for such an age.
  4. The good thing is that I am Leaving for another country (prepared far before the 💔 breakup), for a minimum for 3 years for work. Hope I will be able to provide more than the space Shee needs and I get time to heal.
  5. I guess you are right. I am trying to be better alone. this is my second week. but it still hurts. I am trying to erase all physical memories but the mental ones are still fresh, imagine me deleting 1000+ pictures. And I am glad I am able (gladually) to forgive her in my heart.
  6. @Wiseman2 After she became my girlfriend she was interested in my mentorship I was giving to the young software developers in my city. and she showed interest. But it was part of our relationship. I couldn't separate the two for her.
  7. I am a gentleman of 28 yrs, fully self-sustained. I have had a very successful relationship with a young girl of 19. the age gap did not create any problem for our past 12 months of dating. we gradually evaluated our love and it has always been growing. It was a fair and fine love full of respects and fun according to both of us. three months ago she told me her mum was diagnosed with cancer and I came to realize it was a terminal breast cancer . Our last day meeting before the death of her mum was Nov 1st, and her love to me was still 100%. Then it came to pass that her mum died on nov
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