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  1. Oh yes I totally understand the pushiness! If I'm unable to provide the answer she wants or I'm unable to do it at that time or what she wants just isn't possible for me to do she gets very short and annoyed sounding with me. It just feels so upsetting that it's come to this. We've worked on some things together in the past, split the workload etc, and she would repeatedly request that I do things that she was responsible for and be funny with me if I said no and she would say things to make me feel as if it was my fault those tasks were not completed. I'd then feel bad (wrongly) and just ende
  2. thanks @gamon @Wiseman2, I'm definitely going to be taking more a step back you're right. I just end up feeling sapped of any friendship we once had! No she doesn't have a BF, and no I'm not attracted to her we've just been friends a good few years now.
  3. Hi everyone I just wanted to get a little perspective on something with one of my friends. I have a friend I've known for years now, in the past we've been really quite great friends (We are both in our 20s, I'm male, they're female). In the last year or so that relationship has felt different but it has been hard to put my finger on what the issue is. One thing that has upset me is that in recent months I came to the realisation that she was only contacting me when she needed something from me, e.g. a question, a favour, some advice etc. As well as that she sometimes would seem really in
  4. Hi lostandhurt, thank you so much for your comment, reading it has really helped put things into perspective so thank you 🙂 Absolutely yes it's rooted in a fear of anything I do turning into something negative. And yes I am a total perfectionist, sometimes to the point that it is so insanely exhausting. I feel almost upset when things don't go the exact way I want them to or things I do are not the way I envisaged. I do hold back from saying things in case I'm wrong, and that's in regards to every part of life really, the academic/career part of life, as well as the social part
  5. That makes sense thanks that's a good tip 🙂 It's been a while since we've seen each other in person because of everything going on, but even then and while we've been messaging during the pandemic she's very closed, not in a bad way, I just struggle to shift the conversation onto her even though I ask questions back. It could be that I'm just overthinking and there's actually nothing wrong with our conversation aha. It probably sounds strange but we've known each other for years now and the pandemic and other things have meant we've sort of drifted apart slightly a
  6. Yeah definitely. I struggle to find time to find a hobby because I have to study a lot, nothing interests me at the moment I wish I could break out of the cycle! I could always try and be more engaging, I just have this fear of saying something stupid and embarrassing myself. It probably sounds silly but I almost have a phobia of conversation, I just never know how to keep it flowing and it's embarrassing. I could, I just still don't know what to say I don't want to mess it up 😅 Thank you sadchick83 for your comments 🙂 I can imagine the climat
  7. Thanks both for your comments I think you're right about depression, the pandemic may have added to it but to be honest I've felt a lot like this even before it began. The sad thing is I realised how lonely I really was because when the lockdown started it didn't feel any different to me. I have two friends, one is the one I have feelings for. They're both great people but we're not the kind of friends to talk all the time or everyday and they have other friends whereas I don't so that can be difficult. Thank you greendots you're totally right about this, I think I've go
  8. I'm in the UK so no health insurance needed, it's just face-to-face contact is being avoided as much as possible right now. I also find it very hard to talk about my problems out loud and I find it difficult to put it into words that make sense in the moment. I have my own room and everything, I just still can never guarantee any privacy or that I won't be disturbed. Even if I go for a walk it just isn't easy to be alone. But no worries I'll have to look for other ways of coping with everything.
  9. I haven't no. It's been difficult with the pandemic, everything is telephone or video consultation and I don't get any privacy at home anymore to talk freely.
  10. Hi I'm from the UK, in my early 20s and male. I've wanted to try and reach out about how I've been feeling for a long time now but never quite found the courage. The main feeling is just of a never-ending sadness and just feeling lost and lonely. My life has no direction, sure I have a career ahead of me and that's great but the rest of my life, the personal side, there's just nothing. I never have anything to look forward to, there's never anything exciting happening, I'm uninterested in everything and every conversation and I'm always worrying and worrying about the tiniest of problems
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