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  1. To put it short, misunderstandings, our communication and addressing conflicts was very bad because she is very indirect at showing problems. By the time she addressed them directly she shortly after started a break to "forget". The things she felt were wrong were extremely minor, she couldn't even pinpoint them when addressing them. It was clear she was going through tough times and just wanted to party, outside of conflict resolution we could talk to one another for 8 hours straight and not get bored. It's really hard to have fun because I know what I lost, our chemistry is something
  2. Hi, my girlfriend dumped me a month ago (1 year long relationship) because she wanted to be alone (I can confirm she isnt in a relationship and is just partying). We are in our mid 20s and I was her first real love who didn't cheat or take advantage of her and we had amazing chemistry. I accepted the breakup but I was cold and cut her off instantly, I could see she was in rough shape on social media pretty much the whole time in NC thinking I've moved on and I could tell she was stalking my profile, so after 3 weeks I caved and hit her up apologized for the things I felt I should've apolo
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