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  1. We broke up in November and we were together for like 2-3 months but i really fell in love with him. I messed up by contacting him a week later and for a week we talked every day but that was due late replies (up to 5 hours) and it simply extended for a long period of time, after that a week of nothing, then again a week of talking because this time he reached out, again week of nothing and then i reached out. He wished me Merry Christmas. Basically a whole month I held onto something that was obviosuly over and i ruined myself completely. i lost his respect for me for sure but i al
  2. I tried telling myself that too. And i think i finally accepted the fact that we were simply not made for each other. i mean we rushed in pretty quickly and even tho it wasn't a serious relationship, we still got emotionally involved fairly too soon, especially me! the problem is, our break up was so confusing and it bothers me that if i didnt ask him myself to talk and brought up the idea, he wouldn't say anything. I mean, i asked him if he wanted to end it and that is when he brought courage to say yes. he said it is because he wants to focus on college and work and just himself in general b
  3. I made so many mistakes! we broke up a month ago and I ***ed up really bad. it was so obvious he asked for space but he also said we could be friends when i asked if we're still OK tho and i guess i got confused since this was my first dating experience and i simply didnt know how to act so a week later i reached out in a friendly way, sent a funny video. and we sort of talked but replies came late. very late to the point of convo extending for a few days. he left me on read but then a week later he reached out to see how i was doing and the same thing happened, talked for a few days due
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