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  1. My boyfriend show up over this past holiday weekend and I was just observing to see what he said and did after a talk from the prior weekend. To my surprise overall he was much easier to be around since he was not offensive with too many comments. I even purposely had wet hair sort of just a test him and he said nothing. The only incidence was him saying I shouldn’t be using a certain coffee creamer because of preservatives but I told him I was aware of that and I didn’t really care so he dropped it. He also got over involved in to getting another cat for my son and once I found one he kept
  2. Unfortunately, I was unable to talk to my boyfriend last weekend because I was busy taking care of my cat who very unfortunately became quite ill and I had to put my cat down just the other day. Needless to say, I am completely heartbroken. Well my boyfriend was here last weekend seeing how ill my cat was and he kept on saying to me you really need to put the cat down in the next few days before the Christmas holiday since it may be hard for someone to help you to put him down during the holiday. He did say it softly because he knew my son is very sensitive about the cat was in the other room.
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