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  1. Wow. I'm sorry that you had to experience it too. My ''friend'' says she misses me too. And my conclusion was same, she misses favors I would do for her more then she misses me for me. Yeah and she would say stuff that are real condescending, but truth is, she would compliment me too. The way she puts it, is like ''I'm always honest no matter what, I tell people what I think''. But in my opinion being honest is different then being condescending. Like her honesty is never constructive criticism it's always like making fun of me kinda way.
  2. It’s true that she hasn’t been a good friend and l was tolerating this for too long. The reason why l didn’t cut her off long time ago is because of this - l was quite lonely when l moved to a this city with no friends and stressful job. When she moved here (a year after me) l finally had someone to hang out with, go out, meet people. We’re both single. And she comes from my hometown so l felt a bit safer having her around. Like she had that “familiarity” about her that l needed in a new place. But nothing is worth sacrificing my peace. I realized it now that l’m not around her (l’ve b
  3. She would call again, maybe two more times and then she would message me why l’m not answering. l would explain to her l’m at work or at yoga and then she would say call me it’s urgent. But it’s never really urgent. Lately since l work from home and haven’t been answering her calls at all - she’d text me before calling, asking if we can talk. And what time l’m available so she can call me
  4. I’m female in my 30s and have a friend who l knew for a while, but recently became close friends with. She moved to the city where l moved to ( we’re from the same hometown). Now, we’re both single in our early 30s, we have the exact same lifestyle, we love same things, travel, luxury clothes, both independent and work hard and both without boyfriend/ kids. The only difference is that l’m still close to my family(parents, siblings) while she doesn’t speak to hers. - And therefore she’s super clingy with me and wants to hang out/ talk all the time (and when she talks it’s all about
  5. Yeah l was only reading into it a bit much because it’s the first time in a while l actually liked someone and l got a bit excited. Also this year has been weird and depressing for me and l needed a little bit of positivity. Oh well. You’re right who knows what he’s going through. I still don’t think l’ll text him again
  6. Yeah that makes sense, if l could go back in time l’d do just that
  7. Ok so l went ahead and sent him a text with a picture of snowy scenery where l am last Tuesday and he replied on Wed saying oh how nice, and asking when l’ll be back. I was happy to see that. However once l responded, l asked him about how is he and how his apartment renovation is progressing, he responded nothing. (on WhatsApp- Left on seen) That was a week ago almost. A bit rude IMO. What do you think?
  8. Thank you l guess l’ll quickly send him a text with holiday wishes and will go from there. Yes he knows l’ll be away. I definitely don’t expect for him to be “on hold” for me.
  9. A week ago I went out on a date with this guy l met through a mutual friend, after a long time of being either single, or having feelings for someone that doesn’t like me back, or the other way around - l finally felt like for once, it was mutual. He was a bit nervous on a date and so was l after l saw him, was reminded of just how cute/ funny he is (I was that nervous that my throat became dry and l almost choked on a piece of food during our dinner) ..it was overall really nice date he seems super cool, he asked alot of questions about me, we laughed etc. date was short- hour and half and he
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