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  1. Interracial dating is a topic that I thing needs more discussion. I have been in a few interracial relationships and I always find a little tension there that's not a big deal at first but later on I think inevitably leads to the end. The tension I think is caused from not clear and open discussions about the topic. I am white and most of my partners have been Hispanic. I always feel slightly weird bringing up the race thing. I don't want to make it seem like it's a huge deal but it really is something to be considered. I always try to be respectful of my partners culture and race even t
  2. It seems like you guys are hitting it off just fine! I understand her hesitation to meet up as a online dating veteran and woman. Meeting someone in the flesh is a lot different than over Wifi. She might just be a little nervous. The prospect of you two being over an hour also apart adds another level to the whole meet up aspect. I would recommend trying to find a restaurant that's right in between the two of you. That might make it a little less daunting of a task. As for the quote above, that is a little weird but it's so early on it's hard to tell. On one hand she could just see
  3. It's always good to draft and think about what you want to say whether in writing or verbally. Sometimes I'll start drafting a message days before I send it. Defiantly not a bad thing. It's good to put actual thought into your words !
  4. Yikes so many red flags on his part. Being that socially unaware is dangerous. The important part is that you're recognizing all the problems. All you need is that little push to give him the breakup talk. Try having a girls night. Sometimes being around some good female energy can give you just the gas you need to finish it. That's what helped me make the finishing cut when I just couldn't make my heart do it. If you don't have reservations about it, do it through text. In my opinion his disrespect for your time with your mom is enough to write him off and not in the sweetest way. B
  5. I think my toxic trait is my sexual promiscuity. I also think I have a problem staying single. I love being in a relationship even if it's half-hearted and I know it. Or am I worrying over nothing??
  6. So, yesterday I came out of my latest relationship, almost 6 months. The thing that I'm concerned about is my lack of emotion. Of course I'm having the usual blues but really nothing compared to my past break ups, some of which included hysterical crying and texting. I think I am becoming numb to the cycle I continue to put myself through. Since I was 15 I haven't been able to spend more than probably 6-8 months on my own without having someone to mess around/ be with. Most of my relationships go as follows. We hit it off. Sex around month 1-2. We continue for the next 2-3 months. Sex li
  7. I just went through a strikingly similar situation in my (ex) relationship. I would say the inconsistency is a red flag. If he's saying one thing but his actions are contradictory, trust his MOVES not his words. It does sound like he is being upfront about his reservations with a relationship and you have to respect that. His past dating history indicates he was in a very deep involved love. 6 years is a long time, longer than a year. He sounds like he isn't quite emotionally available and that's his hesitation. Breaks more often then not are a signal of the end rather than an extension
  8. Hi I'm answering this question from Oklahoma, USA. Probably one of the most socially and morally opposite places you can find. There are no places to have any kind of similar experience to a nude beach here. I completely support the idea of normalizing human bodies in such a way. I feel the environment I've grown up in has had effects on how I view body image. Everything is pushed into a hyper-sexualized box when it comes to the human body here. Things only to be seen/ discussed in an X-rated theater. This makes for tension and discomfort when having to deal with and discuss anything abo
  9. Okay so this is a conversation I think about a lot and I'd like to hear some different perspectives. When I was a child ages (4-18) my parents granted me pretty much full control over what I watched. Some of the earliest things I remember watching include Nightmare on elm st. , Bad teacher, The babysitters, Hedwig and the angry Inch. So pretty much nothing was off limits and as a kid I was enthralled with movies. I would sometimes watch with my parents and sometimes on my own. From what I can tell these movies DID effect me. I've always been more mature but in other ways too. I thi
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