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  1. I just can't see how it's not reasonable to wait until at least the pandemic is over for things to improve since this problem started to happen slowly week 1 of lockdown and there was no issue the week prior.
  2. Wait until the pandemic is over, since this problem came the week lockdown started. After that, see how things are going after life adjusts to a semblance of normality. If there is still an issue, go to therapy. If that doesn't work/she doesn't want to go to therapy, call it quits. That way I'll have no regrets and not think that I've wasted a perfectly good relationship without trying to make sure there was nothing else we could've done.
  3. Thank you for all the replies so far all and thank you to those especially who have been helping me out in both the 2 threads I’ve started. My tendency to look at my girlfriend’s phone started before the dry spell, and I honestly don’t think it would take much for me to be fine with not looking at it anymore. I honestly only viewed it to view group chats I’m not in and out of curiosity. I don’t really know how to convince you guys other than to just state it. I’m not afraid to be honest, and while there is a synapse in my brain occasionally firing to scroll and see just who she has
  4. That’s a great question. I would say I’m looking to make the “wisest” decision about the relationship, one that would cause myself and her the least amount of long term grief. I think I would answer that by saying I’m looking to be told I’m right so I can have more faith/confidence in my outlook/game plan for the relationship moving forward but looking only to improve the situation if this is a pursuit worth the struggles, tribulations and sadness it may bring along the way. I want to be told I’m right, but only so I can believe in my own outlook as I don’t feel as unjus
  5. Don't honestly know if I have trust issues. I probably do as I'm quite paranoid. The thing about phones though -- I can promise when I open her messages I'm not expecting to see anything suspicious, it's either me being genuinely curious what her girl friends are talking about or just being insecure and pretending I'm just looking at her messages to see the girl group chat. I'm not afraid to be honest with myself -- I can't entirely rule out the latter, but that's a projection on me and my own insecurities, not her.
  6. I wanted to thank you for the advice you've given me as it really helped me have a better week. As well as everyone else hvaing commented so far. We're working on it and she's committed and worried sick about losing me. I hope we can get through this.
  7. Let me preface this by saying the reason that I am still worried about this from time to time, over 2 years later, is because I'm a deeply insecure person and I'm trying to work on this. When my girlfriend and I started being exclusive (at the time she was 18 and myself 20), we had been talking for roughly 2 weeks, gone on maybe 1 or 2 dates, and I bounced the idea to her via text once night when she was at a dance. She didn't have much time to talk as she was busy at the dance, but agreed. We met on Tinder, and still obviously had Tinders thus far since we weren't exclusive yet.
  8. Can you elaborate on the part about how my concern is tied up with my sexual self confidence? Are you saying I’ll think my relationship is in trouble if my sexual self confidence is low? If so, wouldn’t the latter be indicative of a problem with the relationship usually so there’s reason for concern? Or am I not quite getting it?
  9. From my experiences, most of the users on the sub sound like older divorcees (who I think probably could be a bit more compassionate, to put it lightly) rather than young frat boys. Would that change your guys’ opinion of the sub? This is really sweet to hear and a bit reassuring, though I suppose a bit concerning to hear that it didn’t work out for you guys when we’re in the same position.
  10. I’ve taken this question to r/deadbedrooms, and they were all saying I’m way too young to be complicit with this and that I should be drowning in sex at my age and to leave before this becomes permanent. It really affected me.
  11. The advice so far has been helpful. I still feel some embarrassment from the fact that we’re dealing with this issue as such a young couple, though.
  12. We’ve been dating for over 2 and a half years. The lack of motivation has been hard for us to work. She’s quite confident the pandemic is the culprit for all of this. It’s been hard to address things when we’re not clear what the issue is, but we think the issue for is her is feeling gross all the time by having to work in the house and not being able to get dress well, socialize and feel competent (she wouldn’t want to get all dressed up to be indoors as it’s needlessly less comfortable to be in tight jeans if you’re not going to go anywhere). Day to day, she’s mostly happy, but definitely st
  13. Since the pandemic my girlfriend has had really took a hit to her libido that’s only gotten worse and worse as time went on, even though just the week before lockdown was having sex as much as we usually did. We’re a young couple, 22 and 21. I’m away for Christmas for a few weeks, but when I come back we’ll have not had sex for almost 3 months, and only twice since mid August. It’s really bothered us and we both really want to get back to normal. She’s been struggling with her motivation to do a lot of things, so getting her to work harder on the relationship has not bee
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