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  1. So I was ready to talk to my boyfriend and before I could he already critiqued the fact that I didn’t blow dry my hair all the way. That was enough to set me off. I told him everything that was on my mind including the fact that he was over controlling, over opinionated, and said things that hurt unnecessarily and didn’t need to be said in a matter what he says it. I gave him specific examples of all of this behavior and I was quite to the point raising my voice during much of the discussion since I felt so strongly and I was so angry. I also mentioned to him I did not appreciate the way he
  2. I appreciate the input and will lay it on the line but I’m not hopeful. Seems like it’s who he is. This is the same man who brought me to tears a few months ago when he told me my late husband abandoned me by dying after he smoked and that my boyfriend would never do that to me. He apologized but it was awful. Who says that kind of stuff? Same guy makes fun of my daughter when she calls while he’s visiting on the weekends suggesting she needs my advice for the most mundane things. Got the gist now?.
  3. Told him he need not remind me about brushing teeth since I always do it. Told him his way of cooking isn’t the only right way to cook. He is always telling me what to do or how to do it. Like what to tell my adult son about taking my elderly cat to his place so I don’t have to take care of the cat myself. Now my cat is sick and he keeps saying I have to decide what to do and says he put his dog of 15 years down when he got sick and I tell him I will make the decision when I’m ready but he repeats the same thing to me on occasion
  4. He is a dentist so I appreciate his concern and his 2 minute rule to brushing your teeth. But really do I need to be reminded? He is always advising me to do things including how I eat, practice golf (that’s his passion not mine), etc. I suppose I’m very independent and resent his interference.
  5. My boyfriend has a bad habit of sometimes telling me what to do. Example is I’ll start to drink a diet ice tea and see do you know how many chemicals are in the drink and I said yes but I don’t drink too much and health so I don’t drink it because it’s really there for you just look at the ingredients. This is kind of behavior that drives me nuts another recent example was that I was getting in bed the other night and he asked me did you brush your teeth and wash your face. He’s done this before I responded that I have it’s under control and he doesn’t have to be concerned about it however he
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