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  1. I'm not sure my door is open to her. I felt taken for granted. yes she may reflect and find that she made a mistake but I'm already moving on. It's not that I don't care about her I just can't and won't put the energy into someone who is going to disappear so easily without any communication to how to work through adversity. Honestly Catfeeder my focus has been on moving forward until I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can't and won't accept her back into my life as my partner. No I don't think it was just one thing that broke us up. She is going through a lot and somewhere alon
  2. Well I think it may be normal for people to be mad after a breakup. For me being mad makes me feel worse because I want to see her in a positive light. I have felt little sprinkles of animosity or a feeling of hey her loss that seems to make it easier to move on. I've had the realization that getting back together isn't an option for myself and isn't the best thing for me anyways. I think if she said she needed time and space then it wouldn't have been a full on breakup, I think it would be a break. when she broke up with me she said "she's not feeling it."
  3. I agree it was strange that she was feeling it, then all of a sudden isn't. It's part of why this has been so tough and confusing for me. About three months a go she was concerned that she had stronger feelings for me than I had for her, I insisted this wasn't the case as I cared about her very much. so we were at that equal level at that point. After I first told her that I loved her she didn't say it back. I told her that I didn't tell so I could hear it but I told her because I wanted her to know and she can tell when she's ready. About a week later we were watching a movie and she told me
  4. yes Rose I see your point but I didn't really need her there for me because I wasn't going through a hard time until she broke it off. I wanted to be there for her and I was hoping she would continue to appreciate it. I deserve appreciation, that's really all I wanted. yes I agree I will definitely give her a lot of space, it's time to let go. I think even if she wanted to work it out I couldn't take her back. It would just be too risky. I need to make it through the dark tunnel and find the light at the end.
  5. Rose Mosse, I took your advise about letting her know that I care and that I'm not mad at her. She hasn't responded but that's ok. I wrote to her knowing that it may be a one way message. Her and I didn't talk things out, there was no dialogue about how we can work through it. Communication is key to making it work but the communication wasn't there. Regardless I need to stop blaming myself. I think I have done all I can and just need to let it all go.
  6. Sackie9 I've been reading a lot about how sometimes people push their significant other away when dealing with sick loved ones. When she broke up with me on the phone she told me she wasn't feeling it. When I asked her why she wasn't feeling it, she had nothing, she just isn't. This was very hard to hear. I know she was feeling the relationship up to recently but I just don't think she has the energy to put into loving me right now. sometimes I blame the three plus weeks apart before our breakup, sometimes I blame myself for texting her so much instead of calling her. I'm just the kind of pers
  7. Thank you for your insight Rose Mosse! You are right, the word hike can be daunting for some people. I know that she is very exhausted from everything she does for her mom. I admire her for what she does for her mom. As someone who has been through something similar as my x I appreciate your point of view. Through this process I have felt sad but not angry. The sad thing is we are not in contact anymore, she doesn't want to be friends because she says it would be too tough. Part of the problem is we never really talked about how to resolve any issues. we gave each other up cold turkey. I'
  8. I started dating a woman about ten months ago. We went on some dates and really started to hit it off. we became boyfriend and girlfriend. We lived about fifty minutes away from each other but we made it work. About six months into our relationship we were saying I love you. Her mom's health has been getting worse as she is battling cervical cancer. My now X girlfriend is the caretaker for her mother who is very ill. I was very supportive, She told me my hugs were so comforting. Everything was going fine until I went back home for thanksgiving to see some family. When I got back we agreed that
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