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  1. ******LONG READ BUT WORTH IT TRUST ME****** So lets begin with the good. I am 27 (M) she is 28 (F). My ex and I were together for 6 years. I became very close with her family and siblings. Constantly going over to their houses for family events, dinners, and doing double dates with her siblings and their partners. Each week we made sure to go on a date forsure and spent many other days throughout our entire relationship. My ex and I were best friends, she doesnt have any friends. We took trips each year together, we got 2 animals together, we lived together for 4 years together. I wo
  2. Has a fearful avoidant ex of yours ever come back to reconcile even as a friend? Or, if your a fearful avoidant, have you ever went back to an ex? They being the dumper. Why did they leave? Did you break their trust? Give me your story if so! If not, tell me youe break up story and such. My ex has connection issues, no friends and I was her first LTR - 6 years.
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