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  1. My ex decided to break up with me while our daughter was showering. So by the time she got out she saw her mom with red eyes like she had been crying. Leading up to that day she noticed her mom Distant. She was always super affectionate. But completely stopped for nearly a week. She would ignore me In the house snd refused to take anything from me. Example if I’d make something to eat shes day no thanks snd make herself something. So leading up to the day she broke up with me, my daughter knew something was up. A few days after the break up she tell our daughter that she’s going to spend a few
  2. @Wiseman2i never asked her to spy on her mom. My ex was just really sloppy and our daughter kept finding things throughout the summer by chance. I think the ex thinks our daughter was naive and wouldn’t figure anything out since she’s just a kid. But our daughter felt something wasn’t right when she would constantly stumble across things. She bottles everything up and eventually confronted her mom will all of that, and her mom freaked out called me to pick her up. That’s when I found out about my daughters suspicion. When she showed me the things on the computer and went over I didn’t tell my
  3. I will try and make this short. Been with this girl for 14 years. We have a 12 year old daughter. The ex receives a text asking if she’s single from a co worker” asking for a friend” she laughs it off saying who would be interested in me? A few days later she gets all lidded off with me over a YouTube video of a girl in a bikini, which I didn’t watch, it auto played into the next video which was that one. She got mad for days very cold and distant. Then says we need to talk. I knew what was coming. She starts crying and says she doesn’t love me anymore it’s been like that for awhile and she’s
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