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  1. Yes I suppose so but there is also the issue I am not invited to spend New years eve with them. It was made very clear that I was not. Sorry, I realise I didn't make this clear in my original post
  2. This is what also is annoying, I got tested before I went to theirs and have been socially distancing to reduce my risk to them and myself, and it is concerning he is still mingling. Coming up to two years, and he is but not really proactively, we have just graduated University and he tutors, but he feels he wants a break before a proper job
  3. My boyfriend and I have been living together for about 3 months. I work, he is inbetween jobs at the moment and paying rent with savings. I was working Christmas eve and day, so he decided to go to his family home the week before Christmas. This hurt a little but I understood, he didn't want to spend Christmas day waiting for me from work, and his family paid part for a taxi for me to come see him on Christmas day after work. I am now back home, and I was expecting my partner to come with me to spend New Years eve and day together. I have both these days off, and there's not much point (I
  4. Yes I think this is true. I guess just the pandemic and my father being quite frail makes me panic I am doing something I will regret in not being closer if he were to pass away now
  5. Hi, no they did not. In the UK (apologies if you're from here too) the government pays tuition fees, and I paid my living expenses. I also stuck it out to get my degree, so I graduated from college. I just did not complete medical training, in the UK you can graduate with a medical degree but not carry on to be a doctor, so that is what I did. I really awfully do not want to finish my training, I really do not want to be a doctor and I don't think it fair to put patients through that!
  6. That's the thing, it's all a bit weird. My sisters are telling me I am in the wrong too, but I don't think I've done anything too bad. I'm supporting myself etc... She doesn't like that I left medicine. I told her before I left for medical school, I tried to change courses 1st year, etc.. so it was not a surprise but she says she cannot trust me. She doesn't like my job either, she thinks I'm underemployed but I really like my job and it's enough for now. It's just my sisters really that stop me from thinking I am right as they grew up with the same parents but have radically di
  7. Not very comfortable, unfortunately, it often leads to massive upset on the side of my mother and I get banned from home for a while or yelled at down the phone. I just avoid telling her unsavoury things but I think that is what I am feeling guilty about.
  8. I am 22, and I need advice on how to sort out this situation with my family. I feel very guilty about the whole thing I live and work about 300 miles away from home with my boyfriend. My family do not know I live with my boyfriend, they are highly against it - not because of him, but because my mother doesn't agree with me living alone and seeking employment rather than further education. This is because I left medical school with a degree, but did not carry on to medical training to become a qualified doctor. I basically studied for 3 years to achieve an undergraduate degree and l
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