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  1. I love my husband, we were dating for 2 years before we got married. We had always practiced safe sex but when we got married we went for a fertility check and found out my husband has azoospermia (zero sperm count). He is such a wonderful man and I love him but I’m also 38 and always dreamt of my biological child with him. I know there are a lot of options but here are my concern: 1- I don’t want another mans sperm as I want my husband to be a part of it. 2- I’m not sure if I will love any adopted child like my own thou I’m generally a kind person. 3- fertility treatments are out of our budget. I’m very heart broken abs I’m sure so is he so I don’t want him to find out. pls advice me on how to keep my relationship intact and not loose such a good man. is it ok to be child free even if you always wanted to be a mom? Will I eventually get over it or will it haunt me forever. I see all these babies and I’m so envious. I guess god handed me this set of cards.
  2. Hello dear ones, Thou we don’t know each other, I’m grateful we have this very unbiased portal to share our thoughts. Here’s my story and I’ll try to make it short. I just got married to my amazing boyfriend 3 weeks ago at city hall of our country. It costed like $50 and that’s all. We went for dinner just the 2 of us that night to celebrate and that’s it. I’m glad we could blame the covid 19 situation for not being able to have the smallest get together with friends, the truth is we couldn’t afford it. I’m in my late 30’s. Have worked all my life to support my siblings and pay their university costs until they just graduated, which left me with no savings and as soon as they got out of my university, found jobs to support themselves; which we feel blessed about. My husband on the other hand has a simple job and is very underpaid thou he is such a smart guy logical educated and heart of gold. My business is struggling so he is the sole bread winner for now until I Can help him again. All this said, I always thought weddings can also mean wearing a ring but he clearly couldn’t afford it. He was married before and has a house with his ex wife (no kids) and when they divorced 2 years ago it isn’t still sure if she will pay him his share if she ever decides to sell it. They are great friends thank god. I still dream of the day I can wear a simple wedding dress, have a ring; is it wrong for me to think this way? I’ve always imagined it. I’m always very nice to my husband and he knows how I feel but poor guy isn’t able to do anything about it for the moment. How can I calm myself and stop thinking pity on myself and god forbid sabotage our wonderful relationship? Thank you in advance.
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