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  1. So my ex gf has been playing a specific game for a long time. After getting to know some people through that game, they formed a group. After that I noticed that she suffered from sleep deprivation (she spend all night chatting and playing) didn't eat properly and pretty much neglected her studies for the degree. When she used to be fully concentrated on it. Those were no assumptions, she talked to me about it and complained that in order to be part of the group she needed to do this and that. So extra responsibilities. It was hurting me seeing her like that, with dark circles ready to collapse. So I reached out to one of the members of the group, explaining that maybe they should encourage her to sleep more and don't weight her shoulders with extra work. Therefore to go easy on her. I just wanted to help... She is 26 My ex, was upset I reached out and I got mixed up to her life... I mean partners share their lifes anyway. She told me that I shouldn't have interfered to her business and some other harsh stuff like "I shouldn't have trusted you with my problems"... I felt like trash literally, I cared so much for her I wanted to see her smiley eyes again.
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