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  1. I didnt lock her out of the house. She got mad and left around 11pm, she didn't say where she was going or when she would be back. I went to bed at 2am and like a normal person I locked the door. She came home at some time after that and found the door locked. I woke up around 430 to go to the bathroom and seen her car outside. She was asleep and I woke her up and let her in. No, I didnt lock anyone out of the house.
  2. I agree with all of you. A caveat, she is bipolar, diagnosed and medicated, and is incredibly disorganized. She has a cash job, it's her own business. Part of the problem is she makes money everyday, sometimes 20, sometimes hundreds. According to her, she doesnt keep track of it and therefore doesnt know how much she is making. Plus there is the cost to run her business, which again is variable depending on how much she is making. Essentially she makes items from raw materials and sells them, and claims to not know how much she is spending or making. On that point I do tend to believe her just because she is very disorganized. She doesnt even have a house key because she keeps losing it, I've given her several and finally grew tired of changing the locks..in fact the other night when she left in a rage, I went to bed and she slept in her car for lack of a key. Yesterday she agreed to go over her finances with me, tonight we tried to discuss it and I asked her some basic questions, in a neutral tone, and she told me to "leave her the alone" and went to bed. I'm feeling rather defeated. It's a ridiculous situation. I dont feel like she thinks I'm a gravy train, idk, maybe in in denial. I'd hate to think that is the case. The only reason she takes her bipolar meds is because I served her eviction papers several months ago because she is so out of control if shes not medicated. I told her either take the meds or leave.
  3. And I really dont want to make her lay rent, i want her to contribute voluntarily. In the past she has always said 'why should I pay rent on someone else's house, you would pay these Bill's if I wasn't living here anyway'
  4. I mean, yall are right. I know this. I have known this. Part of my question was if I am right to know her finances. It just seems like something normal couples share. I dont understand why she wont talk about it, and I wouldnt have even brought it up if she hadnt blamed my rent request for her being broke. The rent I requested is far less than any apartment she could rent btw. I only asked her about her finances so I could get a better understanding of what amount of rent she can afford.
  5. When she initially moved in I was paying a ton of money in childcare expenses and she wasnt working so the deal was that she would provide childcare while I worked in lieu of rent. Within a few months of moving in she got a job and I was back to paying childcare. It was at this point that her not paying rent became a problem and I was about to kick her out because she refused to contribute, but then the pregnancy was a surprise.
  6. Hello, my gf and I have lived together for several years. She has always refused to pay rent. This has always been a problem for me. We are both middle aged adults and share a child together and also her son lives here. I own the home. I pay for everything even though she has an income though she refuses to tell me how much money she makes. I had finally had enough and told her a few months back that she needs to pay 1/3rd of the household bills and gave her until january to begin the payments. Now she is mad at me since rent is coming due and claims she cant afford it. I asked her to go over her finances with me...income. debts, etc., and she said "it's none of your fu×÷ing business". She knows everything about my financial situation, Bill's etc. On top of this, I paid for half of her car, I pay for her car repairs, her childs bedroom furniture, and other things. I pay whenever we have a date night. Honestly the rent money I'm asking her to pay is less than the money I spend on the personal things I just described. It would take a year of rent just to cover the car I bought her. Whenever we have a discussion she clams up, tells me she is moving out, and disappears for the rest of the day. I feel taken advantage of. What should I do?
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