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  1. This is great advice. I called my parents and basically told them I was upset and needed to see them. They are coming to pick me up and I’m spending some time with them. I’m considering temporarily moving back in with them just to stabilize myself emotionally.
  2. I think I was also really cruel too by essentially kicking them both out. I meant it as a “if you’re going to just ignore me, then leave” kind of thing but it came out wrong and as soon as I said it, it was like he just totally exploded and I didn’t even have time to say anything else.
  3. He blocked me and told me I would never see him or his son again and that he lost every ounce of love for me.
  4. I think the codependency thing mentioned in the above comments was really true for me, as I am having a horrible time coping with the break up. Last night was unfathomably horrible. After my frustrations and reading all of these comments that I should end it, everything just boiled over and I told him I couldn’t take being his maid, chef, and mother anymore and that I thought he was acting like a man child. This probably wasn’t the best timing as his son was over last night, but I was just at the complete tipping point. I didn’t say any of the above things in front of his son, but when I asked
  5. Hi everybody above. I really took the advice to heart and ended things. It went about as well as you could expect a man-child to take things. He told his son that I hate him because I’m not his biological mom and then he stormed out in a blaze.
  6. Please bear with me on this lengthy and rant-like post. My boyfriend lost his job yesterday after he got into a physical altercation with a few customers (he works retail security and the customers were attempting to steal something, which turned into a full-on fight between him and the thieves when he attempted to apprehend them). Basically, his manager was unhappy with how he handled the situation and he was placed on suspension. Yesterday, when he was permitted to explain what happened to his HR, he explained the situation in detail and essentially didn’t show any remorse for breaking
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