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  1. I only recently found out he’s been seeing someone, so those times I responded I wasn’t aware of it and even so I’m not 100% sure he is, but if I had to bet I’d put my money on that he is. I don’t know for sure that he was lying about wanting kids, that’s just my opinion given the way things ended and who he is probably dating now. I do agree with you though that he jumped when things started to get too serious and I started wanting more from him.
  2. So bit of a background: Back in April my ex broke up with me using the excuse that Covid was bad in our area and that he promised his ex-wife that he wouldn’t see anyone or else he wouldn’t be able to see his kids. This was out of left field for me, I thought we were doing well and he seemed happy with me. We had been dating 7 months and were serious (his words), he knew I wanted children and said he would be on board with that because he loved me and wanted to make me happy (he’s in his late 40’s and looking back on it I don’t think he really wanted anymore kids). Anyway after
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