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  1. Ive been in counseling and read a ton on abuse so I hear what you’re saying. I think there’s something in me that believes he is working on change. There’s this emptiness that wasn’t there before after I called the police. I called them so he’d know I was serious. Every time he got abusive we broke up and I took him back. It was more because every time I tried to leave he got crazy. The physical abuse was really bad for awhile now it’s minor in comparison. I know what that sounds like. I question his honesty and he blows up at me. He has so many triggers that I’m still nervous about his
  2. I’m very confused about my partner. We have been together for close to two years. About two months ago I abruptly kicked him out of my house. He has been physically and emotionally abusive for quite some time now with some change but not enough for me to trust him living with me. The problem is he is living with his ex-wife until he gets a place of his own and it’s wearing on us. He is hiding our relationship from his family. Because of this we don’t connect the way we used to. My emotions are a roller coaster and we fight so much because I feel he’s negative and he feels I am negative. I ha
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