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  1. it is a small box wrapped in the most beautiful bright pink wrapping ... the card says - ‘it’s time to move on , I wish you all the best... ...????? what is the ... ????? I can’t take this it never ever ends. why can’t we just have closure really though , Im good. Im used to constantly feeling this way im not sad or anything just happy that I got to meet this person! if he says move on - huh ? Im dumbfounded why would he out 3 dots at the end of that ?! the box is so well wrapped I can’t open it i mean too afraid. thanks guys
  2. hmmm not sure how to say this or what to do or how to respond... I got a valentines day present from my ex via amazon delivery!
  3. thanks not easy but actually yes pretty much the answer I was looking for . 🙂
  4. update- we talked on pinterest only communication avenue when I googled him he has kind of a generic name but I was able to find him remembering the original handle of the first email address he gave me to contact him It was wonderful being able to bridge a gap and find some closure. he told me he was in a serious relationship and that he loves his girlfriend immensely and all he wants from me is friendship but then we talked about all the wonderful memories we shared he apologized for shutting me out and that he thinks about me often and I said I respect t
  5. Thank you boltnrun ! yes I am focusing on my career taking my registration exams for my career , I became a vegan ! Im already feeling healthier and better about my body and just loving just being me and discovering what I want for me to be happy
  6. I do admit that I go from 0 to 60 really fast if I feel a connection and thats is my biggest difficulty right now.
  7. i tried with another guy. he was a musician. yesterday he released an album. there was a song about how he did not want to be second best. but THE ONE I honestly thought I could move on but you just can’t fake loving someone. I told the musician about the main guy he was trying to sweep me off my feet and I was afraid of getting hurt again so I told the musician that Im in love with someone else. yesterday I hear the song about not wanting to be second best. no one wants that . who wants a relationship for just the sake of it? practice? im bored I ra
  8. my heart is not broken. I have decided to let go and let the memory of us live on in my heart forever. Much better this way. Im thankful for the experience and of having met him. at this point there is nothing else to do to say just know that I am loved and we will always remember our time together. I emailed and really no response but of course Im sure if he wants a future with me he would have to make a move. there is nothing that can be said its like water for chocolate thx guys
  9. girls natural reaction to ‘good’ male attention is to block deny etc untimely situations all of it ... just have a good think - before you jump into anything new with her she’s hazing you natural defense mechanism from being hurt and not taken advantage of sorry it’s really tough!
  10. my question- should I let him know through email that I will be in an area near his work just ‘incase’ he wanted to meet for coffee?
  11. I tried to move on but feelings come back being in 2020 hell has taught me life is short and I really think people only are capable of falling in love once in their life. I really do believe that. no one ever thought about the past? and decided if we never get back together, Ill never be with anyone else.
  12. wow what a great story! Take care of your heart be kind love every moment and turn the glass half empty to the glass half full. cheer up. have a happy holiday and don’t over analyze anything. good luck
  13. yep one month- to think I could be married- living in a house in the country- eat bbq on the weekends- dunno maybe life isn’t that complicated- we exchanged a few emails- no phone calls - christmas is coming- really I don’t understand love
  14. yeah it was 2 years ago. feelings have resurfaced like a lightning bolt
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