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  1. Hope what I want to elaborate fits to this section Does anyone else get today and yesterday events confused? Even 10 minutes after they have happened ? Bc it occurs to me all the time. It's like I'm getting fully disconnected from the idea of the event afterwards. For example I had an English lesson today, an hour later, I thought that I haven't had English in the longest time and I got anxiety with homework then I realized I had it an hour ago. It's like this memory is stored to the "old events" in my mind.
  2. So we dated 4 months, we were really close friends before for almost 3 years then we broke up. He never gave me closure he just told me "I'm not happy, I'm tired you do so much for me it's unfair" indicating that maybe he needed to recharged BUT NO after 2 weeks he jumped into another relationship a long distant one he had currently met . We were having somewhat good communication skills before hand so we ended in good terms. It's just that weird feeling that we share nothing, no part of each other's life , and basically after the bu id try to reach out, to see if he was okay, but he ended up being so cold. He send me happy new year in such a cold manner unlike him. When he started being cold it was definitely the time he begun "dating" One time I was going through Facebook when I saw a relationship status that he was tagged after a minute he instead of blocking me from his fb he just restricted me meaning that I'd visit his profile but I'd view it as someone who isn't in his friend list. Giving basically no accessibility. He deleted the songs and some pics on his wall that I'd post that they weren't even romantic. But on instagram he still has me and likes my posts. I don't know if I should block him, I mean I can't throw 3 year old healthy friendship into the trash? Can I? . But having someone's heart after knowing them 3 years, but from the other hand having someone else to win his heart in less than a year and online ?? It's so weird He used to say when he advised someone "don't cut the ties with an ex" Anyway my question is,, is it reasonable to block him? It kinda looks, like I'm waiting for something?to reconcile? Even if we hung out as friends bc we have a group of friends we share. I don't like to be "friends" with people that haven't asked how am I doing in 4 months ... But he is not a bad person, and I don't know how things will turn out. I feel like I should act indifferent but by blocking him it means that I thought of him Ahhhhh I don't know
  3. My relationships were always lacking. My first love told me to go die, my second which was a long term one didn't excite me that much, I loved them but I couldn't feel like being in love with them. Then I met this girl, that ended up letting go. We started as friends I instantly knew that something about her was unique. She was younger than me. (her 19 me 26) She had a face with beautiful features, a stunning body and a impressive way of thinking, she wasn't neither superficial nor too try hard, nor arrogant . Furthermore that girl was a great artist. Inspiring me to start painting, opening up, sharing my deepest thoughts The chemistry between us was nice, we built an amazing friendship, then we started dating. At that time I suffered with depression and anxiety due to the fact I had so many pursuits in mind along with a pressuring master. I remember her trying everything to help me, always supporting me, having time for me. She had some past traumas as well but she will always focus on me. That girl was a giver, she enjoyed it showing me affection. At that time I was confused about my feelings. It felt like I was loosing the balance between my responsibilities and my desires . Other than that I was missing my Ex, the trips with them , the routine. Some days before breaking up with her, I wanted to have a talk about my feelings. I wasn't intending to tell her about it but my dumpass mouth spitted that I missed that Ex. After breaking up with her my friend told me that instead of her dumping you first because no one deserves to be told that, she planned trips for you both to go during the summer. After a week i met another girl on a game I used to play. She was at the same age as me, we talked, she had that maturity that the other girl lacked due to her age. But I never realized that... I thought it was just her personality. The girl I met through the game, did what the other girl couldn't, heal me. She was intrested in me so we had something. About the other girl, i told her to stay friends after the break up, nothing between us will change. but eventually I pushed her away. Being super excited from my new relationship. She from the other hand didn't block me, like i did on Facebook. We still interacted via Instagram with me liking her art pieces But I was so cold when it was about chatting incase that indicated that I'd like to try again with her. I'd only text her during holidays. But despite my terse and cold attitude. She always replied with the same way we used to when we were friends, excitingly with a bunch of emojis. She learned from a friend that my brother was going through an operation and immediately texted me just to comfort me that everything is going to be okay. The thing that surprised me the most was that after the Break up she refrained from every romantic interaction for a lot of while... I was indeed meant something to her. Can't believe I chose her over an internet person, just because I needed someone to "fix" me. By trying to find the better person, I lost the best. My stupid self never realized how much she loved me until now... Two years later, thinking that I'd never find someone like her. I see her on social, growing into a beautiful young woman. Letting someone else give her what I couldn't.
  4. My best friend and I (both Girls) broke up after a 4month relationship. She her self before we met was in a stable relationship with a guy of 4 years. But from the day we met each other, we felt a connection. As we were friends, we said the same things at the same time, and had the same humor, we had the same special interests and we were meeting each other randomly. everything seemed so aligned. Our friends could feel the tension She liked me and I liked her. She was the most kind hearted beautiful girl i had ever encounter There were some problems in her relationship because she always told me that she felt like she isn't with him anymore. Something was happening constantly between them...despite the fact she was always decent After a while she confessed to me and she literally dumped the guy... with out a second thought... With out healing... But I dismissed that I thought she was already over him. Specifically she told me that "I'll be feeling free with you and I'll take the risk to leave a caring and stable relationship" as I had "won her mentally from the very beginning" no one knew her as much as I do The first month was heavenly, and the second, She was trying to persuade me to live together after getting a job, to never let go each other arms, moreover she was afraid that I'd leave her, as I was younger. She bought mindful gifts... Everything was so real...so much passion. She wanted me to take our rl seriously and so I did Plus she was reminding me everyday how she can't concentrate on her studies because I was always in her mind. We had seggs it was my first time showing my body to someone...but she didn't proceed to take my virginity we just gave pleasure The last month (which was one week after the seggs) something was kinda off. nothing wrong with us or me... It was the guy.. she missed the routine...the trips... But she had also the stress of finding a job. She was eating her. We broke up through text, telling me that she can't do it, it's unfair for me because I try so much, but I made her happy everyday. She confessed to my friend that... Maybe it was a tender excitement but also maybe not...maybe I was just a crush... All that confusion was due to the fact that she was numb, something was blocking her from loving. I mean she never healed from the guy... But something extra she said was "if we had gotten closer it would be a nice relationship" Atm she isn't hurting for me... But I definitely wanted to build a future with her... We shared our souls, we know each other keys... She said that she'll need the minimum six months to love someone again. But we all know that it's gonna be the guy...in the end...
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