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  1. Hope what I want to elaborate fits to this section Does anyone else get today and yesterday events confused? Even 10 minutes after they have happened ? Bc it occurs to me all the time. It's like I'm getting fully disconnected from the idea of the event afterwards. For example I had an English lesson today, an hour later, I thought that I haven't had English in the longest time and I got anxiety with homework then I realized I had it an hour ago. It's like this memory is stored to the "old events" in my mind.
  2. So we dated 4 months, we were really close friends before for almost 3 years then we broke up. He never gave me closure he just told me "I'm not happy, I'm tired you do so much for me it's unfair" indicating that maybe he needed to recharged BUT NO after 2 weeks he jumped into another relationship a long distant one he had currently met . We were having somewhat good communication skills before hand so we ended in good terms. It's just that weird feeling that we share nothing, no part of each other's life , and basically after the bu id try to reach out, to see if he was okay, but he en
  3. My relationships were always lacking. My first love told me to go die, my second which was a long term one didn't excite me that much, I loved them but I couldn't feel like being in love with them. Then I met this girl, that ended up letting go. We started as friends I instantly knew that something about her was unique. She was younger than me. (her 19 me 26) She had a face with beautiful features, a stunning body and a impressive way of thinking, she wasn't neither superficial nor too try hard, nor arrogant . Furthermore that girl was a great artist. Inspiring me to start painting, open
  4. My best friend and I (both Girls) broke up after a 4month relationship. She her self before we met was in a stable relationship with a guy of 4 years. But from the day we met each other, we felt a connection. As we were friends, we said the same things at the same time, and had the same humor, we had the same special interests and we were meeting each other randomly. everything seemed so aligned. Our friends could feel the tension She liked me and I liked her. She was the most kind hearted beautiful girl i had ever encounter There were some problems in her relationship b
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