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  1. To me covering your tracks means you are doing something you shouldn’t be and trying to cover it up. Thank you for clarifying what you meant
  2. Cover my tracks? What the hell does that mean? And sex doesn’t have anything to do with my post at all
  3. We are perfectly compatible. My issue is that she has had guys hurt her in the past and it’s so hard to get out from under that and reassure her that I’m not them and that I’m not gonna leave her or hurt her
  4. I’ve shown her how much I care. That’s all I do. Which I love doing. It’s just hard for me because I love this woman and want to be with her more than I’ve ever wanted to be with anyone. I feel like all I’m gonna do is tick her off. She tells me I have nothing to worry about and to let her be upset. It’s just hard because I can tell when she is mad yet she won’t tell me why until she stews on it and usually it turns into more of an issue when I do finally know what is wrong.
  5. Relationship advice My girlfriend and I have been dating 10 months. We have a great relationship most of the time. She has been hurt a lot so sometimes she gets butt hurt(her words not mine) She has 2 younger children which I adore and they adore me. We get to spend every weekend with eachother and we usually just hang out at her place or mine. She likes to get butt hurt about things that are just silly. One morning I was at home and I missed her call and she instantly starts accusing me of being dishonest about what I was doing. I told her I was doing some chores around the house and when she
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