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  1. Hello everyone, Had a much better week this week, someone reccommended a book called why do i do it? It just arrived today! Thanks everyone and I will keep you updated, if you're interested haha
  2. Thank you! This is something I will try. I do have those moments of "so what" and I think you're right about the pedestal! I'll try and let you know how it goes! Thanks!
  3. The drama is internal, I'm trying to work a way out of stopping it. He's so open it's like nothing I've ever experienced before and I'm trying to stop these issues
  4. I agree completely, he stopped the comments, i've told him i'm on here and he's very supportive over it. I said to him yesterday "I don't need to know everyone that messages you and i dont want to" but i think i was actually telling myself that haha. he's asked a few times how I am, because really what is infuriating me, it is this ONE THING. his watsapp goes off, i dont flinch, FB i dont flinch, but because i saw something on ONE APP. Do I think he's having a ridiculous love affair on instgaram? no, my heart doesn't. and when I get to that place of calm, that little saboteur says "what a
  5. You are right, and he said, over the past week or so, he's scared to open his phone because he thinks i'll get angry. Also the comments were RIDICULOUS, like "MY DREAM, MY DESIRE" which is what He and his friends post on these models because thats exactly that they want, he said its like A movie for him, he uses instagram as a joke, and its a public wall and he knows people will see. This is not his ususal way of talking. I also said it makes me feel uncomfortable, and he said, Okay I'll stop. and obviously I stupidly snooped and found nothing, jsut confirmation of the truth he told
  6. I have been cheated on in the past, and I have worked on my issues and I got to a really good place mentally, I use the A HA technique. Acknowledge, Halt, and Act. He's such a good guy and he is so open which is great. I won't ever snoop again. last night he recieved a message on instagram when he was showing me something on watsapp, I froze, I thought I didn't react but he knew instantly and said, if you carry on like this I will hide my phone and that will just make you think i AM doing something. I think its an irrational fear to know everything which clearly I need to work on.
  7. Hello first time poster! I have been with my partner several months now and he's fantastic, he really is. The other week I found a stupid comment on someones instagram profile who i also follow (yes, a stupid instagram model) after a few days I approached him about it, (in fact, i said i saw something on instagram, and he knew instantly and we spoke about it and it really was nothing) However, I cannot let it go, and last week I looked through his inbox. I KNOW I KNOW (i'll accept the abuse) Of course I found nothing. nothing at all. Im not actually angry about the situation anymo
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