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  1. Me(26f) and my boyfriend(28m) of three and a half years broke up about a month ago. We have broken up before and have had issues in our relationship. He has not treated me good for probably the entire relationship. I'm not perfect either and I have messed up too, but not to the same extent. I can't even begin to say how many awful things he has done. It would take too long to write. The reason we broke up is because for spring break I planned a trip to Florida for my spring break (I am a teacher), because I am moving to New York this summer and I figured this would be the last time we cou
  2. My parents support me and would take me back in. I think that they don't think he is a good match because of everything that we have been through. I know they would be happier if I was with someone else, but they said that they support me either way.
  3. Before we broke up it was mainly because I had started working as a first-year teacher and was having a rough time. I was angry and moody all of the time and he would get frustrated with me and it would lead to an argument. If I'm being honest, he wasnt the most supportive during this time period. We both built a lot of resentment and that's what led to the fight that caused us to break up. My job is a lot easier now and we don't have these problems anymore. We actually don't even argue that often. But I can't help but feel like I won't ever feel the same way about him.
  4. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for three years and live together. in the beginning, we were very in love with each other and I felt like I had never felt this way with anyone ever before. Things changed once we moved in together. We went through a really rough patch in our relationship after he moved in with me and it was really bad. We would fight almost every other day and I felt like we felt a lot of resentment towards each other during this period just by how we would treat each other. It got to the point where we got into a huge fight and ended up breaking up. When we broke up, I wa
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