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  1. I really appreciated your comment right up until the last line where your anger and passive aggressiveness kicked in. There’s really no need to project your problems onto me. And if that’s your read of everything that I said, despite how clear I was more than once about everyone who’s never been remotely attracted to me then god bless you. Thanks again everyone for all your advice. I really appreciate your time. I guess I'll just keep being kind and friendly to her as always and see how things work out. Have a great week.
  2. Thanks everyone. How many of you consider yourselves to be very shy and socially awkward people, particularly towards those you have a crush on? I’m interested to know if your advice is coming from a place of direct personal experience. Something I also didn’t mention is that she’s not always cold towards me. There are many exceptions but they’re generally not the rule. One example is when we were supposed to work on a project together. When I told her about the project she didn’t react in any way but when I said it was me she would be working with one-on-one for four months, she was
  3. I work with this very shy girl and she’s extremely confusing and hard to read. We sit near each other and she stares at me all the time. Like ALL the time. From where I sit I can clearly see her in my side vision, without looking directly at her, and she’s constantly staring at me. When she gets up from her desk, when she sits back down, when she walks to the printer, when she gets a coffee, or whatever, she sneaks glances or just outright stares at me. And if I look up and catch her eye, she’ll often hold my gaze or will sometimes blush and look away. It’s so frequent that when
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